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    About Yandere Simulator Animated Series-- Voice Actors Needed!


    Script Rewrite

    After much careful consideration, I've officially come to the conlusion that the scripts of which I previously wrote are in much need of a drastic change. The characters are underdeveloped, the drama is unrealistic and cliché, and the overall storyline doesn't make any practical sense. I apologize in advance to all the voice actors and actresses who have already sent in some of their lines, as they will now have to redo them. However, I'm very happy with the way the scripts are turning out so far. Also, I lost a lot of progress on the old version of the story. I'm going to be putting some new and updated polls up, so please take the time to check them out in the updates section!



       Here is a list of some of the things I am looking for in an audition:

    * Good microphone quality

    * Voices with a lot of emotion

    * Loudness

    * Skilled and developed voices (mature)

    * Try forming a different voice instead of using your own

    * Match the character's personality as best as you can

    So, now that you have the aspects of what I am looking for, go ahead and audition!

     Please do keep in mind that as of now there is only one male role you are able to try out for. There will be more in the future, but this is all I can do for now.

    Information for those looking for plot:

      The plot will be an adapted, animated version of Yandere Simulator, a video game (THAT I DO NOT OWN), and the plot will revolve around our two main characters: Yandere-chan/Ayano Aishi and her Senpai, of course. She is trying to win his love, and will murder any students who get in her way. I am currently planning to do 26 episodes, but there may end up being more or less than that, all depending on either how hard it is or how much attention it gets. Here is a little chart so you can understand the plot a bit better:

    Main Idea: Yandere-chan kills 10 rivals within 10 weeks in a minimum of 26 episodes. 1 week is equivilant to about three or more episodes, which will be spread out evenly as the series progresses.

    Characters: There will be several characters in the animation, most of which you can audition for.

    Set: This is set in Akademi Highschool, a Japanese school located on some of the Northern islands, in my eyes. Most of the scenes will take place here, however there are going to be some scenes showing Senpai's house or daily routine, and especially the town and Yandere-chan's basement and home.

     Here's a chart of character importances for the characters you can currently audition for:

    Main Characters

    Yandere-chan/Ayano Aishi



    Secondary Characters

    Osana Najimi

    Kokona Haruka

    Oka Ruto

    Cooking Club President (Amai Mafin)

    Swim Team Captain (Chimukya Mizu)

    Delinquent Rival (Suke Ban)

    Senpai's Sister (Ai Yamada)

    Substitute Nurse (Suki Tanaka)

    Student Council President (Koiga Taki)



    Hayato Hukuri

    Akane Ketsueki

    Nao Sharutoruzu

    Reika Ao

    Anba Orenji

    Murasaki Jetsu

    Saki Miyu

    Supporting Characters

    Riku Soma

    Shinyu Raibaru

    Yayoi Meiwakuna

    Misaki Oyama

    Midori Gurin

    Background Characters

    Yui Rio

    Mei Mio

    Kuu Dere

    Budo Masuta

    Ryuto Ippongo

    Pippi Osu

    Yuna Hina

    Koharu Hinata

    Female Sensei

    Sota Yuki

    Sora Sosuke

    Haruto Yuto

    Taken Parts

    Oka Ruto: Cast to Pincamo!

    Senpai: Cast to CrucioThe3rd!

    Yui Rio: Cast to Bblackroses!

    Midori Gurin: Cast to Mom0ki!

    Kokona Haruka: Cast to ArcadianSonnetva!

    Mei Mio: Cast to B231a!

    Budo Masuta: Cast to TheCelticPhoenix!

    Osana Najimi: Cast to Pumpkin!

    Pippi Osu: Cast to Wxyzdisn!

    Yuna Hina: Cast to Teiketsu!

    Ryuto Ippongo: Cast to Skrully!

    Yandere-chan: Cast to SimisterrProductions!

    Ai Yamada: Cast to LittlePlusPeanut!

    Female Sensei: Cast to Oh Gee! 

    Anba Orenji: Cast to LiliumConColor! 

    Nao Sharutoruzu: Cast to Oh Gee!

    Amai Mafin: Cast to TheWhiteDeer!

    Info-chan: Cast to MbTeddyGram!

    Sota Yuki: Cast to Dangerrzone!

    Riku Soma: Cast to Shreddicus!

    Suke Ban: Cast to Devlinsyo!

    Koharu Hinata: Cast to Oh Gee!

    Yayoi Meiwakuna: Cast to JustCallMe T!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold