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    About Witchful Thinking - A Minecraft Roleplay

    Hello! You can call me Chey, I've always had a interest in witchcraft and wanted to do a series on the "Witchery" mod, but in a more roleplay way then a survival/tutorial way.


    "Witchful Thinking" is about a young girl, Aleta Ritchie, who gains a interest in witchcraft after a traveler sells her a book about it. Sadly, her village thinks of witches as "people who do Satan's magic" and tends to burn them at the stake or hang them. Aleta was good at keeping her secret from everyone but after one little slip up, she was casted out of her village with no where to go but deeper into the forest. She heard from someone that there is a witch in the forest, she decides to follow that rumor; in hope of following her dreams of becoming a witch. That's all the story I can give for now without spoiling the whole story.

    The series should be one to two seasons long depending on pacing of the story. Your time to voice act characters or body act them isn't strict as long as you aren't taking 2 to 3 months on end to do something, warnings before hand if you are going to take awhile to act your character is recommended.

    A bit more on the world itself: There is no dead set time period, a mix of modern and medieval. Since I see the game Minecraft as a post-apocalyptic game, hence why we can have a modern stuff but still stick to old ways.

    Rules and Requirements:

    • Please respect each other when casting or leaving feedback for others.
    • Have pretty good mic quality and try not to edit your file too much. If you are able to, try to limit background noise and static.
    • Be 14 or over. I'm 18 myself so if this makes you uncomfortable you don't have to cast! There will only be 2 people who work for me under this age limit, mostly because they are close friends.
    • You don't have to have Minecraft, just having you voice act a character is enough for me. If you have Minecraft, let it be known the server WILL be using mods! When you are casted, I will let you know what Mods there are to be downloaded! All mods are 1.7.10.
    • You need to have Discord.
      More characters will be added later on!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold