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    About We Were Spartans: The Insurrection Begins

    We Were Spartans:

    The Insurrection Begins

    The year is 2559 in the Goldilocks System which was a recently discovered Globular Cluster by the UNSC when searching for Covenant remnants. The discovery of this specific star system was quite a remarkable find due to the fact that the system is home to Installation 12 that wasn’t showing up on any of the other Halo Arrays, the unusual amount of Earth-like planets orbiting almost every star within this one system, and the homesteading crew of the CAS-Class Assault Carrier, “The Solemn Penance” who were residing on the Halo ring upon discovery.


    I gave the name of this star system ‘Goldilocks’ because of all the planets that are orbiting almost every star in the system are Earth-like, meaning that they have everything Earth has, with the exception of intelligent Life (Humans, Sangheili, Unggoy, etc) but of course, each planet has its’ own unique and alien characteristics, such as: appearance, wildlife, vegetation, water, scenery, etc.

        There is an actual thing called the, “Goldilocks Zone”; its’ meaning is exactly the same as the “Goldilocks Story” with one bowl of porridge being too hot (being Venus), another porridge being too cold (Mars), but then there’s that one bowl of porridge that is just right for Life to thrive (which is Earth). As you probably guessed, Earth is in the “Goldilocks Zone” and so are these other planets in my made-up Star System. :)

    The crew and their families of the Solemn Penance have been residing on this Installation ever since 2552, living peaceful and happy lives, away from the drama of the Universe at the time. Sangheili, Unggoy, Kig-Yar, T’vaoan, Huragok, and Yanme’e, all lived together with good terms with each other, but still kept their Military in running order there locally to keep themselves battle-ready...just in case.

       The UNSC battle group, “The Unrelenting Hammers” (also made-up by me) found them in December of 2557 and proceeded to quickly rush in and blockade the grounded forces on the surface and captured their ship; keeping it in orbit like a trophy to their success. The Fleet Admiral in charge of the battle group, sent Brigadier General, Holt, with a little over 50,000 UNSC Marines and a Spartan Team, The Night Prowlers, to not only find and kill all Covenant remnants on the ring, but also set up Scientific research facilities, just like the UNSC did on all the other known Halo Installations. They also set up labor camps on the surface to (when possible) capture lower-ranking Covenant militants to provide free service to whatever the UNSC needed done, but killed them off whenever they grew too weak. (Much like Hitler’s and Stalin’s Concentration camps before and during WWII)

       Regardless of what the captured Sangheili said to their captors about them resigning from the Covenant before the war ended because of the Great Schism, the UNSC kept killing them off, ignoring their explanations, taking them just as cowards since they did not have access to the Covenant’s great supply of resources and troops. When the truth was, was that the Shipmaster of the Solemn Penance, Rhul ‘Salmutii, led his entire crew away from the clutches of the Covenant right after returning to High Charity when the Prophets ordered they abandon the Prophet of Regret with the Demon, 117. Learning of what the Prophets were ordering their Jiralhanae counter-parts to do to all Sangheili, he acted quick. Rhul mustered every-single member aboard his ship, just like the Prophets ordered him to do, BUT he immediately ordered all of the Huragok to completely rip out and destroy the tracking and automated systems aboard the ship, tossing them out the airlocks as they flew away from High Charity. Right when the Great Schism began, Rhul set in some random coordinates to jump away from the Covenant multiple times. Eventually, they found the Goldilocks System and proceeded to settle down on the Ring to catch their breath and make their new home there back in 2552. 

       After a few weeks of living there undisturbed, all the Sangheili agreed to take off the “-ee” suffixes given to them by the Covenant and either left their names without it or replaced it with “-ii” like Rhul and his bondmate, Keia did, signifying that they were no longer with the Covenant and soon declared to one another, that they were their own, Legitimate sovereign State. Thus, creating the, “Salmutii State”, where everyone who served under Rhul’s command and his subordinates families, were under his jurisdiction and rule, effectively crowning himself as a Military Kaidon. But don’t worry, he is a very fair and Just Leader. :)

       Around March of 2559, the Autumn-Class Cruiser, the Euclid’s Anvil made multiple blind jumps to get the UNSC off their backs and eventually stopped in the Goldilocks System. The ship, Commanded by an Insurrectionist Admiral by the name of, James Bradburn, former Fleet Admiral of the UNSC’s battle group, The Unrelenting Hammers, saw his former fleet ahead of him, in a tight blockade formation around Installation 12 and immediately activated the ship’s cloaking. He couldn’t make anymore jumps due to their slipspace drive being beyond repair, so they had to just cruise along. The admiral really wanted to settle the ship down on one of the Goldilocks’ planets but they also did not have enough fuel to get them there, only enough to land on the Halo up ahead. He knew it was crazy, but he had to make a decision, so he sent down his personal Spartan attachment aboard, the Alpha Crusaders, also Insurrectionists, down to the Installation via an old ONI Chiroptera-Class vessel to scout out a clear and safe landing ground for the Anvil and a place to hide everyone on board in the deep confines he knew every Halo should have. The team consisted of two Spartan III’s (2nd Lt’s, Murrey and Burn, both of whom are blood-brothers) and one Spartan II (Master Chief Petty Officer, Moody, commander of the Squadron)

       He knew these Spartans would get the job done but they were extremely notorious and prone for constantly going off the path and doing some extra crap like [FORESHADOWING] taking prisoners, getting into firefights, making new friends, gaining a LOT of intel on the enemy, and going on adventures. Bradburn just hopes his Spartan Team can pull this critical mission off without proceeding their past reputation.

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