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About We The Celestials YouTube Network Fall 2021 (Anime What Ifs and Deep Dives)

Hey everyone! We are casting new members for the channels of the We The Celestials YouTube network. We're a fast-growing network of anime-related YouTube channels. Below is a short description of what we do and which options you have.

We're currently mainly looking for: Naruto What If writers, Deep Dive writers, Naruto What If voice actors, Naruto What If audio editors, Naruto What If Video Editors, and Deep Dive video editors!

Types of videos that we produce:
- Naruto What Ifs: These videos are all about "What If" scenarios based in the Naruto world and/or based around the Naruto series's characters. E.g., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiO28zHhPws.
- My Hero Academia What Ifs: These videos are so-called "What If" videos based in the My Hero Academia world and/or based around its characters. E.g., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rb9fxvpVW8.
- Anime Deep Dives: These videos are focused on explaining the concepts and lore of different anime series. For example, the Sharingan from Naruto or the Dragon Balls from DBZ. E.g., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlxAbOWxRNA

At the moment, we're looking to bring on more writers, voice actors, audio editors, and video editors! This is a commissioned job, so you decide how long you stay with us. It isn't uncommon for people to stick around for a fairly long time, though, with 4-12 months being our average.

What we expect from you:
- You're able to work in a team of like-minded anime fans.
- You can commit to at least 1 script/audio/video per week.
- You're 16 years old or older.
- You're able to deliver consistent quality (at least as good as your audition).
- You're able to keep on top of your own work.
- You're willing to stay with us for longer than just a few weeks.
- You know that you're not the best, but you've got the drive to strive.. for improvement! You embrace the feedback you get.

What you'll get in return:
- A welcoming community of like-minded and creative people to work with!
- Proper setup support and guidance in your work from our Heads of Department. (We won't leave you hanging!)
- A fair share of the income that we generate from the published videos you participated in. (As per a commission agreement!)
- The possibility to grow into other positions within the We The Celestials network.
- A great addition to your creative résumé!

Some of the commission Details:
The revenue share amount is based on the number of tasks you hand in during a given week, if you hand in 1 task that week, you will receive 15% of that video’s revenue. With 2 tasks getting you 17.5% of both videos’ revenue (The two videos that you submitted that week). This increases at a rate of 2.5% per task to a maximum of 25% ( 1 task is 15%, 2 is 17.5%, 3 is 20%, 4 is 22.5%, 5 is 25% )

You receive a share of the revenue for the first month of the tasks initial release (30 days). Meaning that if the task was a script once it was finished and turned into a video and released. You would receive a share of the revenue from that videos for 30 days after release. This only applies to the initial release, not anything else.

While these are all revenue sharing, we plan to switch to base pay, with the bonus being a percentage of the revenue shortly. This will be the case after all three of our channels are running at 100%.

If you've got any questions, or you want to apply without auditioning on CCC, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can message us here on CCC, or join our recruitment Discord at https://discord.gg/ctcEdcX if you want to!

About the Creator: we-the-celestials-productions

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