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Mufee Va's Previously Completed Works

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About We Don't Talk About Bennett (We Don't Talk About Bruno Parody)

"We Don't Talk About Bennett" Is inspired by Disney's Enchanto "We Don't Talk About Bruno" In this project, we want to find Genshin impressionists that can sing in character for their giving lyrics! We are thrilled to start this project! We are looking for genshin impressionists that can sound like them when singing! 

Here are our expectations:

-Minimal to no background sounds, samples of you singing normally(Optional), singing as the character you are auditioning for is MANDATORY

- As for a song choice, depending on the role, the lyrics will be provided from Disney's "We Don't Talk About Bruno" This will broaden our look into what kind of voices we are searching for.

-You may add up to 3 audio files, I ask at least one of them be from the REQUIRED LYRICS AS THE CHARACTER YOU ARE AUDITIONING FOR

- Discord, so we can reach out to you and stay in touch with everyone that is part of the project

-The Parody lyrics will only be revealed to the actors once assigned.

- Noting any other experience is optional (theater, past projects, etc)

This project WILL take a lot of time to complete as this is my first BIG project. Any additional skills (Animating, Artistry, audio mixing, etc) can be listed! This is all voluntary work, you will also be credited for your voice and any contribution you will have.


We would like to finish this project no later than APRIL or MAY

The project will be posted on my official youtube channel. You can find my other socials in my linktree: https://linktr.ee/Sushee

The song we will be making a parody of:


About the Creator: MufeeVA

My name is MufeeVA and I am a 20-year-old voice actor, Music Producer, and artist! I work independently and started my voice acting journey as an impressionist. 

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