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Mikko Kangas's Previously Completed Works

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    About Warcraft III Mod | Gnoll Campaign | Chapter 1: Shipwrecked on Yeenador

    We are looking for voice actors for the first chapter of our Warcraft III Mod, the Gnoll Campaign. There are 28 roles available, of which 3 are for female voice actors and 25 for male voice actors.

    Audition lines are at the end of each character description.

    Description of the mod

    The Gnoll Campaign is a story-driven single-player custom campaign for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. It is sequel to the Dwarf Campaign.



    Lines for each role

    Each role can have:

    1. Dialogue lines
    2. Sound set lines

    Not all roles have dialogue lines and not all roles have sound set lines.

    You can find all the dialogue lines in the following document:

    Gnoll Campaign Dialogue Reference

    You can find all the sound set lines in the following document:

    Gnoll Campaign Sound Sets

    Audio samples

    We’ve gathered a few audio samples from the original Warcraft III game and the Dwarf Campaign:

    Gnoll Campaign Audio Samples

    These can help you get the auditions sound correct.

    Audio format

    You can send the auditions and final lines in any of the following formats:
    - WAV: 16-bit, 44.1 kHz
    - MP3 Mono: Bit rate at least 80 Kbps
    - MP3 Stereo/Joint: Bit rate at least 160 Kbps

    Notice on auditions with heavy effects created with an audio editing software

    If you plan to send an audition, to which you have added heavy effects using an audio editing software, please send two versions of your audition:

    1. One without any software created effects
    2. Second with software created effects

    This is because we need to evaluate your acting skills based on the version that has no software created effects. This rule does not apply if you create the "effects" with your voice or to any editing that you apply to your voice files to make them sound professional, such as noise reduction. This rule applies only when the original voice file and the modified voice file sound substantially different, e.g. due to voice distortion effects.

    Evaluation of auditions

    A jury will evaluate the sent auditions based on the following criteria:

    1. 1. Suitability of the voice for the role (right age, etc.)
      2. Voice acting skills (how well you can act the character in question)
      3. Technical quality (your microphone quality, etc.)
    2. 4. Reading skills (you read the audition lines right and pronounce the words right)

    If your audition does not pass all four evaluation criteria, it will be rejected.

    The evaluation of auditions will take up to 2 weeks after each deadline.

    Audition process

    We will do the casting in rounds, each of which takes about 1 month. Each of the rounds has a deadline, after which we evaluate all sent auditions. If we find a suitable actor for a role, that role will be cast to the actor in question and closed for any further auditions. However, if all sent auditions for a particular role do not meet our voice acting standard, that role will stay open for further rounds until a suitable voice actor is found.

    We will not do early castings under any circumstances. We will strictly respect the deadlines of each round. This means that you can count on that we receive your audition for evaluation if you send it before the deadline.

    After all the roles have been filled and after we have received all lines from the voice actors, we will evaluate the project as a whole. That is, how all voices work together. At this stage, it can happen that we find that some particular voice does not fit together with all other voices and we need to recast that role. In this case, the original voice actor still gets to keep the money we paid him or her for his or her work.

    Payment method

    We will pay through PayPal. The recipient is responsible for all taxes and tax-like costs in his or her country.

    Contact information

    voiceacting at hyvanmielenpelit.fi

    About the Creator: Mikko Kangas

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