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About W.I.T.C.H. Comic Dub (Issue #1)

This is a comic fandub, of the comic series "W.I.T.C.H". Some of you might know the animated series, that aired on Jetix years back, but few knows that was actually made due to the success of the comics. Sadly the animated series never reached the same level as the comic and was cancelled, while the comic was released into 139 comic issues, between 2001-2012. 

If you haven't read the comic, I can only urge you to go do that. You can find the first issue on the following link, that'll also have references to the panels in the audition lines for each character. 

For now, this project will just be about dubbing the first issue in the series, but if the final result is well received by the public and everyone also had fun and wants to continue, I would love for us to expand onto dubbing the next issue too and onwards! 

I would love for you to audition for these roles, holding a lot of nostalgia for many people, me included and also have fun with it! 

You can read the first comic issue here --> https://viewcomics.me/w-i-t-c-h/issue-1/full 

I hope to have a cast all ready, so we can start work in January 2021. 

  • The cast below only covers the characters appearing in issue 1, but basically all of them still appears as reoccurring characters throughout the series, besides the main five. Everyone casted will help fill out background characters too. 

  • Please let me know if you would want to and is able to reprise your role for future issues too, for the sake of continuity. 

  • Please use a good mic and have no background noise, to give the best end result. There is only so much editing can do about the quality. 

  • Feel free to use your demo reel, instead of using the audition lines. 

  • You're more than welcome to try out for several characters. If you got a bigger role, you can be cast as minor role too, to fill out the cast. 

  • I will be directing, editing and publishing the project, through my Youtube channel and will also be voicing one of the main five. I have not yet decided which one, as it'll also depend on the auditions I get in for each character. 

About the Creator: setsutheyena

Hello everyone!

My name is Camila, but you can call me Setsu. I'm a 29 year old young woman, from Denmark and is an aspiring voice actor. I have been doing amateur VA and singing for about 5 years now. I have a Youtube channel where I frequently upload singing covers and various fandubs. I hope to join lots of projects and expand my skills. Glad to meet you all and thank you for your time! 

Discord: SetsuTheYena#5994