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Purgatorian's Previously Completed Works

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    About Upcoming original audio drama looking for voice actors

    I am searching for lots of actors to take part in an ambitious project that may require long term commitment depending on the role you choose. It was originally going to be an RPG storyline but after 367 pages I think it makes a good radio play, the project is called 'The Purgatorians'. There is now a Facebook pageThe Purgatorians Facebook Page and a website for the showThe Purgatorians Website to hopefully get us some interest, what can I say, I am committed to the project long term and need your help. Don't think along the lines of 'I cannot commit to such a long term project' but rather think to yourself 'it will look good on my resume and will show I can commit to a project'.

    The setting is Serenetia, a strange land in which no-one travels to, they just appear. No-one knows how or why they are there, they just are. They give up looking for home when all seems hopeless and exist there. With a corrupt government, a sadistic council of five and the Purgatorians to deal with, not one week can pass by quietly., this is without the deadly sandstorms that wipe out all but two people in Serenity every fifteen years. Ten years after the last sandstorm the hero of prophecy arrives, it tells of the demise of the council and its members and the downfall of 'The Liberator', the leader of the Purgatorians but it speaks not of the Asylum itself.

    With twists galore and some scenes people may find upsetting or offensive, please read characters short synopsis for these before deciding to audition.

    This is not a fantasy show, it is centred around real life but in a not so real place. I am hoping the show can run for a while and get a few series out of it at least. If it makes money on YouTube the cast shall even get paid, without this I am sorry but I cannot afford to pay anything except a small incentive of the specified amount per episode that you are in. If the show does make profits this will increase. At the moment this is only going to be placed on YouTube however if any other places come to mind I shall discuss this with the cast before placing it there.

    The story is far from finished but I am passionate about it and will continue for as long as possible. Unless stated, the accents can be anything you want as long as it is English.

    The show will always need more characters in future as some die or go missing and the current cast start to run low so always open for auditions after the end date, just let me know you're interested and I shall put you on my list of future applicants.

    Think of this as Game of Thrones meets Wayward Pines. Thank you to all who take an interest in this project.

    About Me - I have created scripts in the past, one was used during as part of our end of first year performance at college and the other was for NCFE Video which was a full length movie called 'night of the living chavs', unfortunately it was erased from the computer before I had a chance to burn it onto DVD. I wrote, directed and acted in this movie, I still have the script available for this if anyone wanted to see it as some kind of reference. I gained my video editing diploma and National Diploma in Performing Arts in 2010 and between 2007-2010 I acted in many shows and volunteered at my local theatre. I allow the members of my team to make suggestions on how they think their character should move forward, some, but not everything, are set in stone such as critical plot points however if you suggest anything I shall take it into consideration. The Writers ideas are not always the best and a fresh outlook on things can lead to better plots. You are not forced to do this, it is purely optional. If you want to follow on Facebook to keep track of the show there is now a group entitled 'the purgatorians'

    PROFANITY WARNING - This is not rated PG and does have fight scenes and arguments which lead to strong language. I am not planning any sex scenes at all, any that occur will not be scripted and left to the audiences imagination, only the lead up will occur and end with the door closing. If Game of Thrones causes any offence then it is possible this will too.

    Upsetting scenes - If you are not comfortable performing certain scenes please read here what may upset you that have been written so far.

    Masons physical abuse

    Faith plotting to end both her and her sons life

    The talk of one person being accused of being a spy who was hanged and set alight

    Two instances of animal slaughter

    Homophobic behaviour

    Below is a list of the cast, main, secondary and supporting.

    *This is similar to Game of Thrones, you could receive one script and it seems to you that you have an entire story line to run that will take months, the next script you could be dead so beware*

    The main cast will be around for a long while so please make sure you can commit before auditioning. You can take on other work, not just limited to mine but I don't want to have to have one person have ten different voices before he/she dies.

    Secondary cast may be around for a while but could die at any time if the script calls for it. Please make sure you can commit but do not be offended if your character dies, this is not a slur on your acting ability.

    Supporting cast are not in it for long so if you want to take part but only want a small role this is the place for you to look. You could die or vanish at any point.

    *The cast list is subject to change and people can be promoted or demoted without notice*

    MAIN CAST (From the beginning or joins later)

    Jamie Atkinson - Most Lines, in the show for a long time.
    Abraham Montgomary - Most monologues, in the show for a long time
    Betsy Turner - In for a long time
    Demetrius Montgomary - In for a long time
    Elena StoneHeart -  Not much to begin with but picks up when the council disbands,definitely in for a long time
    Frederick Chambers - Not much to begin with but picks up when the council disbands, in for a long time
    Glenn Taylor - In for quite a while
    Isaac Newbury - not much to begin with but like the other council members he picks up when the council disbands
    Jonnie Jardine - in for a long time
    Kimberly Hamilton - In for a long time
    Max Jarvis - In for quite a while
    Raven Gosse - In for a very long time
    Tobias Hasple - In for quite a long time
    William Evermore - In for quite a long while, slow to start with not many lines, picks up when the council disbands.

    Darwin Hamilton - In for a while at least
    Eliza Hamilton - In for a while at least
    Faith Parker - In for maybe the first half of the first season, she is now deceased but will be back later for a short time so keep this in mind.
    Ivar Myles - In for quite a while at least, has a big story line to come first.
    Keith Wakefield - In for the entire first season, dies at the end of it. He does not return.
    Mason Parker - He lives through the first season and would like to see him make it through the second and possibly third however he may be killed off in the third or fourth but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
    Peter Myles - Lives through the first season, dies in the second. Does not return.
    Tamara Wakefield - Lives through the first season, dies in the second
    Toby Harper - I do have plans to develop his character so he could be promoted but I also have his death already in my mind. He escaped from the first death I had planned for him so it could happen again. He is in it for at least 2 entire seasons.

    Alice Potts
    Barry Turnbull
    Chris Lordset
    Harry Holster
    Kyle Summers
    Miles Lampton
    Mother - In it very rarely.
    Oliver Hasburg
    Oscar Wiley
    Victor Stamford
    Yusaf Awad
    Sorry if I missed anyone.

    I do request that main cast give me a full seasons notice before quitting and the secondary and supporting cast at least half a season so I have time to wrap up any story lines and write you out of the show or to find someone to take over the role

    Payment will be delivered after recieving your script but before it being published on YouTube, as soon as it is my payday you shall be paid. I would rather do it by PayPal than a bank transfer however I am open to discussion about this. If you want more payment than what is offered please do not embarrass me by having to refuse you as i simply cannot afford any more.

    You will of course also be credited for your participation on the credits at the end of the show, I would prefer to use your real names to make it look more professional however you can request I put a nickname in brackets between you forename and surname. You may use this for your resume or on a showreel.

    I am currently awaiting a project image, I have ordered one especially for the show.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold