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    About Undertale: The Musical by B4I8 Productions (Set 5)

    Welcome to Set 5 of auditions for Undertale: The Musical by B4I8 Productions!  We have divided our auditions into five sections, this being the fourth of them.  The fifth will not be held for a while, but we have already casted characters in our first, second, and third set.  

    This will be a musical based on the Pacifist runthrough of the game.

    This production contains 100% original orchestrations, 98% original lyrics (the 2% being One True Love), a script in the official Samuel French theatre format, and an extremely friendly all-star cast that would love to have you on our team.  

    If you are cast, you may not be recording for a while.  I am opening this audition as the lyrics and dialogue have been written in the script.  This means that the orchestrations are not completed, and it takes a bit to write orchestrations.  It's probably the hardest job in the entire group to do.

    Please note that the script will not be entirely lining up with the game.  Orders may change, lines will be altered, major points in the game will be cut simply because of time, or because illustrating a story through a musical and illustrating a story through a game take two very different methods.

    Cast already are:




    Flowey/Big Asriel

    Little Asriel


    Monster Kid


    Annoying Dog

    Nice Cream Guy




    Lesser Dog

    Greater Dog

    Monster Kid

    Mad Dummy




    1) This is a professional project.  Please do not audition if you are someone recording in their closet embarrassed trying to keep their parents from hearing... while recording on their iPad.  I was that kid too, once.  Several roles require lots of shouting, singing extremely loudly, making goofy noises or exclamations, etc.  And our audio editor can only remove so much background noise.

    2) Speaking of which, please do what you must to remove all background noise.  It's okay if you don't know how to do so with Audacity, neither do I, but I don't want to hear your family in the background.

    3) This is an extremely long term project.  Please keep this in mind.  If you are cast, please do not drop out because it is too long.

    4) If you are auditioning for Sans and/or Papyrus, please also audition for at least one of the dogs.  If you do not, I may ask you to also do a sample recording of a dog if you receive a callback.  

    5) If you are tone deaf and did not realize this, prepare for your wakeup call.  

    6) If you didn't read all of this and follow the rules just listed, and/or if you did not do the same with the details of the part you are auditioning for, you will not be cast.

    7) Let me know if you can read music, sight read, sing harmony, etc.  That will get you bonus points, as we do have sheet music!

    We can't wait to hear your audition, and we hope we will get to work with you soon!

    Break a leg!

    (Cover art by dos-robot)

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold