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    About Undertale: The Musical by B4I8 Productions (2nd Set)

    (Disclaimer: This is NOT Man on the Internet)

    This is Undertale: The Musical by B4I8 Productions.  This production contains original lyrics, orchestrations, and an original script.  On our team we also have a professional audio editor and some professional actresses.

    I am holding auditions for the second set of characters for Undertale: The Musical by B4I8 Productions.  This is a long-term project that will require easy contact and lots of patience.  I am currently looking for the following characters:

    Flowey/Big Asriel (Heavy dialogue/Heavy singing)

    Asgore (Heavy dialogue/Light singing)

    Little Asriel (Heavy dialogue/Medium singing)

    Napstablook (Medium dialogue/Light singing/Chorus)

    Six chorus members

    These are the second round of auditions I am holding for Flowey, due to a lack of appropriate auditions.  I personally don't want to voice Flowey myself, as I am a soprano.  

    There are some rules for this round:

    1) Cut out all background noise.  These are professional demos, not some little fanfiction.

    2) Must be able to read music, ESPECIALLY if you are auditioning for Nabstablook or any of the other Ruins monsters.  They will double as chorus, and chorus must be able to read music.

    3) If auditioning for a chorus part, you must be able to sing your harmony part.  Soprano, alto, tenor, bass.

    4a) For Flowey, please sing two songs (I know those who are coming from the first set of auditions this is different).  One song needs to be a song that would match up with Flowey, the other one a dramatic song for Asriel that really shows off your pipes.  Please sing with a karaoke with at least one of the songs.

    4b) For Nabstablook, please sing a jazz or upbeat song with a karaoke, and sing Happy Birthday acapella.

    4c) For chorus, please sing Happy Birthday acapella.

    5) If you are auditioning for a major character, please also audition for a chorus member.

    6) If you are cast as a role in this, you will still be able to audition for the other roles.

    7) You must have Skype or be willing to get a Skype account.

    Here is a link to our YouTube channel, where we will be posting all of our content.

    We also have two songs posted here.  We will have more songs as we record the two parts we have right now: Frisk and Toriel.

    If you are interested for auditioning for any of the bigger characters (i.e. Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton, Muffet, etc.), please be patient.  I recommend auditioning here, if you are able to read music.  It will give you a higher chance of being cast as the part you want.  We are not holding auditions for bigger characters yet.  If you are interested in auditioning for Toriel, Frisk, or Chara, those characters have already had auditions and are currently being finalized.  

    Additionally, if a role is already cast in chorus (i.e. Alto), you can still audition.  These are just for the people that I automatically know that I want in that part.  Please, still audition, though.  We need all the people we can get!

    I will be holding callbacks for Flowey, Asgore, Little Asriel, and Napstablook.  The other characters are too small to hold callbacks.  With callbacks, I will contact you if I would like to hear you again for the certain part, and I will send you a scene to perform as well as a sample of a song that will be in the show.

    Have fun, and most importantly, break a leg.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold