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About Underground [GTA V Machinima Series]

Underground is a long term Machinima series built in GTA V, it follows the story of Khail, a small time street racer who has never lost a race in his small town where the scene is small and the skill of his competition is limited.

It all changes when a racer from out of town arrives. Convinced that he will make short work of the racer, he puts his car on the line, and loses.

His self image is shattered and the reality that he isn't the best comes crashing down on top of him. He makes the decision to travel to a foreign city to earn back his car, his reputation and his pride, but when he arrives he learns that the pond is much bigger, the cars are faster, the police are fierce but the competition is fiercer, and to get the rematch he wants so badly, he has to beat everyone and climb the ladder, but he can't do it alone.

This story will have everything from car crashes, to gun fights to romance, and my tech used to make the story is ever expanding


The series is episodic and inspired by the structure played out in a previously created series known as Liberty Speed, by Midnight Club, and will be posted on YouTube alongside it

Some info

Number of Episodes: 12

Episode length: 5-10 Minutes

Dialogue requirements: depends on the episode, some scenes are very dialogue heavy while others are all action.

Genre: Action 


Timeframe and deadlines

The project as it stands is nearly half filmed, and only needs voice over for the final edit, it will be published at the beginning of October and in 3 day increments to a week from then on, with the final episode showing in December some time

For voice actors, I hope this means less stress in chasing deadlines, especially since not every character is featured in every episode.

The series is in the process of developing more characters, so the list is subject to additions, but nothing on the list already will change or be removed.

A trailer/casting call video is on its way soon as well

This film has great potential to be a story many may follow, as they did in the days of Liberty Speed, and with the constantly evolving technology fo GTA film makers, it's only set to improve, become bigger, the story may expand into other cities in the GTA universe, and grow with it.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold