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Zerorider's Previously Completed Works

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About Transformers More Than Meets The Eye Audio Drama (IDW) - Tons of Roles

Hello all! I've been working on an audio drama/audio read of the Transformers More Than Meets The Eye comic book written by James Roberts and published by IDW. I've already completed the first 3 issues and the cast have been doing a great job! I initially planned to complete the unofficially dubbed 'Season 1' of the comic, going all the way to the Dark Cybertron event and there are many more characters that need casting. That's where you come in! But first, for those of you who don't know what this story is about, here's the basic premise: it follows Rodimus, the captain of the starship the Lost Light, who is accompanied by Ultra Magnus, Drift, Ratchet, Chromedome, Rewind, Swerve, Skids, Cyclonus, and many more characters as they travel the vastness of the universe in search of the legendary Knights of Cybertron, who hold the key to restoring Cybertron to its glory days. Along the way they come across new allies, enemies, and many challenges that await them.

I have a plan underway to make the recording process run fairly smoothly and have created a forum where all of the information can be accessed. This is a big project and there will be certain deadlines that need to be met so keep this in mind if you decide to try out. If you think that this will be a problem for you then please don't audition. With that said, if you are interested in auditioning, here are some requirements before you try out:

-No filters/robotic effects in your recordings. I want to hear what YOU sound like.
-Have a good quality microphone.
-Unless otherwise stated in the character descriptions, no impersonations of any past actors. Feel free to do your own take and make the character your own.
-Be reliable and available.

And that should be it. Have fun auditioning! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Fulcrum: Daveynate (CCC)

Misfire: Sunwukong (CCC)

Krok: Sepherchorde (CCC)

Crankcase: robaodwyer (BTVA)

Spinister: Secondvoltage (CCC)

Flywheels: Calebbyars1 (CCC)

Tarn: SpaceKnight (BTVA)

Vos: Wolfblade93 (CCC)

Kaon: Yamatoguru

Helex: Sepherchorde (CCC)

Tesarus: Sepherchorde (CCC)

Blaster: Kingcounty1 (CCC)

Siren: Pokejedservo (CCC)

Grimlock: Megalodon302 (CCC)

Senator: Arkham (CCC)

Orion Pax: Philldubs (CCC)

Roller: Taiyouinc (CCC)

Getaway: Whitelash (BTVA)

Chief Justice Tyrest: Alhasid (CCC)

Dai Atlas: Taiyouinc (CCC)

Star Saber: justFrank (BTVA)

Thunderclash: Rscarf1 (CCC)

Paddox: Dromaeosaur25 (CCC)

Nightbeat: justFrank (BTVA)

Nautica: Anajo skylark (CCC)

Hoist: SpaceKnight (BTVA)

Starscream: Akuago220 (CCC)

Metalhawk: Ultimatenewmandubs2015 (CCC)

Rattrap: Wolfblade93 (CCC)

Scoop: Charliepope (CCC)

Arcee: Rahcel.Peff (BTVA)

Slag: Rscarf1 (CCC)

Swoop: SammySyphe (BTVA)

Nova Prime: Arkham (CCC)


Jhiaxus: robaodwyer (BTVA)

Hardhead: Saint nixolas (CCC)

Windblade: Bigdreamer (CCC)

Ironhide: robaodwyer (BTVA)

Soundwave: robaodwyer (BTVA)

Ravage: Deathmanjones (CCC)

Blurr: Xeggr (CCC)

Trepan: Deathmanjones (CCC)

Hound: robaodwyer (BTVA)

Quark: Saint nixolas (CCC)

Wheelie: SQM (BTVA)

Waspinator: Xeggr (CCC)

Dreadwing: Deathmanjones (CCC)

Skywarp: Justfrank (CCC)

Rumble: SQM (BTVA)

Blitzwing: ronaodwyer (BTVA)

Astrotrain: Rscarf1 (CCC)

Crosscut: SammySyphe (BTVA)

Bludgeon: robaodwyer (BTVA)

Bluestreak: Xeggr (CCC)

Tankor: Rscarf1 (CCC)

Flatline: Xeggr (CCC)

Jazz: Akuago220 (CCC)

Aquafend: Rscarf1 (CCC)

Zeta: Taiyouinc (CCC)

Kroma: Arkham (CCC)

Decepticon Agitator: Rscarf1 (CCC)

Rossum: SQM (BTVA)

Slamdance: Rscarf1 (CCC)

Windcharger: Jazzhands (CCC)

Captain K'Gard: Pokejedservo (CCC)

Ore: Pokejedservo (CCC)

Jackpot: Pokejedservo (CCC)

Torque: Rscarf1 (CCC)

Mixmaster: robaodwyer (BTVA)

Long Haul: Tyranitron (CCC)

Hook: DanielVA (BTVA)

Nautilator: Calebbyars1 (CCC)

Blip: SQM (BTVA)

Lockdown: Theog (CCC)

About the Creator: zerorider

Hello everyone! My name is Tatianna! I am a voice actor, audio engineer, voice director and content creator.  Aside from theater experience at my local community college and university, I've worked at honing the craft for about 5 years now. Voice acting is my passion and I love every second of it.

I also have some experience mixing audio and being a voice director in various productions for StarForce Media.  

If you're interested in contacting me for work, contact me about it!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold