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    About FUMI AND KOYUKI NEEDED【Touou Academy】Love Live Japanese Cover Group!

    Hi, I'm Marble! I'll be the leader of this group, but will also be singing in it. In this group, we'll be singing Love Live songs in the voices of the girls from Touou Academy!

    Now, The Touou girls don't have any seiyuus since they're N girls, so I interpreted what their voices would be like if they did have seiyuus. We will be alternating between Muse and Aquors songs, and also do sub-unit songs occasionally. I haven't decided on the group name just yet as well as the sub-unit names, so I'll decide once we have all the members.

    I'll also need a mixer and video editor since I can't do those things whatsoever. I can make sprite edits, but I'll need another person so we can make a whole batch of sprite edits faster. And of course if you're a vocalist, you can also help with those three things as well.

    Our first cover will be LONELIEST BABY, and we'll be uploading covers to Youtube. I'll be self casting myself as Himeno Ayanokouji, so everyone else is open. I've also already divided the girls into sub-units:

    Printemps/CYaRon: Yuuka, Fumi, & Koyuki

    Bibi/Guilty Kiss: Tsurugi, Ryo, & Fuu

    lily white/AZALEA: Himeno, Shun, & Misaki


    - Have Discord! This will be our main form of communication.

    - Be active! If you aren't going to be active in this group, why bother auditioning? If you ARE going to leave the group at some point, please message me about it ASAP.

    - Be able to send lines in time! I'm not that strict with deadlines (to some degree), but I'd appreciate if you send your lines before or at the deadline, since I'm planning to release covers once a month.

    - Have a decent mic! Its okay if you don't have a professional mic (I sure don't), but as long as your audio isn't muffled, it should be fine.

    - Be nice! I don't want any fights or drama to start, so please be respectful to other members.

    - Have fun!

    You're allowed to audition for as many roles as you like, although you'll only be cast as one.

    Good luck! ^^

    About the Creator: MoreThanMeetsTheSky

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold