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    About The Underside (Minecraft Episodic Series) |Crime Drama TV Show|

    "This is The Underside..."


    Welcome to the town of Aberdeen!

    "What you would see if you were traveling through would just be a town by day, but by night this town becomes alive
    and I'm not talking about the type of alive where the houses and stores start speaking to eachother, I'm talking
    about the type of alive that turns this place from a boring run-down town to bustling center for freaks, degenerates
    and outcasts. We call this side of the town, The Underside, its not a place, its a way of life, its a group of
    people who have been turned down by society and look for retribution by hanging out with others of their own kind,
    some just become part of the Underside to hang out, but others who are smart realize there is a way to make money
    out of it, the three leaders of The Underside are Cyrus, Damien and Lilliana, who are each battling eachother for
    control of The Underside, times are changing, The Underside has grown so big to the point where federal officers who
    can't be payed off are trying to take down The Underside and with the current power struggle happening in its ranks,
    I don't think The Underside will survive another year but with the likes of me, Lorin Raeburn, I can settle the power
    struggle in The Underside and stop a war that will destroy my town and The Underside for good."


    This show will be about a nihilistic teenager who has lost all hope for himself and wishes to throw his lot in with The Underside, a criminal organization that gives purpose to people who don't like society, the main characters include, Raeburn, Nova, Cyrus, Lilliana, Damien, Eve and Sheriff Miller, watch their story unfold as The Underside evolves from being a small gang of rejects to a national group of outsiders who "live life or die hard." Watch as they get worldwide recognition as revered slackers who give the middle finger to the "man" while trying to look out for each other as federal elements come to upset the balance of the town of Aberdeen


    The series will be episodic with at least 12-15 episodes each season, It's a dramatic and action packed series for viewers that are 14+, imagine a combination of "Breaking Bad" , "Sons of Anarchy" and "Riverdale". This series will contain flashbacks and flash fowards to get a better read on the story, before and after and why the  characters are the way they are, just like the TV show "Lost", I plan to start this series during the summer and hope to get a lot of good people working with me on this!


    1. 1. You'll have to be able to swear
    2. 2. You'll have to have good, clean mic, not that much background noise. (Pop filter recommended but not necessary if your p's and b's are not noticeable)
    3. 3. You'll have to be able to improv or ad-lib for some scenes.
    4. 4. You'll have to say things for your character that you might not like saying
    5. 5. You'll have to be able to be on time for recordings or send your recordings through discord.
    6. 6. You'll have to send your recordings a week or two after the proposed start date for recordings.


    Please do not strain your vocal chords just to play a part, if you cannot naturally do a voice for a character then don't do it!

    I hope you get picked!

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