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    About The Misadventures of Andeline and Wolbeshire

    Hello everyone.

    Welcome to the casting page of my original animated project,
    'The Misadventures of Andeline and Wolbeshire'

    The series will be 10 episodes (maybe longer)

    Andeline is an 8 year old little girl, abused by the foster system. Tired of her stressful days of elementary school, she comes across a dog plush almost washed down by the rain storm she's forced to walk home in. 

    And to soon discover, the plush is alive! Kind of! Their name is Wolbeshire, a little 'imaginary' friend that helps Andeline learn the dangers of the world. From Trust, to Puberty, to Murder- wait... murder?

    Yes yes, apparently Wolbeshire isn't as 'imaginary' as Andeline hoped them to be...


    Andeline finds the Oddly charming (and samely scary) Wolbeshire.
    Of which the past lies waiting...

    EPISODE 2 : It’s Not Them, It’s You.
    After a long school day, Wolbeshire helps Andeline to learn the differences between a stretched friendship and an abusive one.
    They remember how these things turn out...


    During one of Andeline’s rare outings with their foster mother, she brings home a question to Wolbeshire about the odd (and painful) expectations of puberty.
    They share their experiences. And now they’re scared.

    EPISODE 4 : Obvious Horror Movie Scene
    Another day after school, Andeline must be brave as her higher grade friends decide to ditch her inside an abandoned farmhouse. Wolbeshire teaches Andeline about trust, and how it’s broken.
    Get out GET out- HE was here. There’s the body- RUN.

    When the scares of the farm house reach Wolbeshire’s ears, they encourage Andeline to return to the farmhouse for answers.
    Now they know. They’re still there. We have to find out.

    EPISODE 6 : When You Choose One Thing…
    An inspector checks out Andeline’s home and decides that her foster mother isn’t fit to care for her. And now Wolbeshire and Andy are on the run…
    They can’t stop now! They have to find out the truth!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold