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    About The Legend of Zelda: Rise of The Fallen

    Hello, and thank you for opening my casting call for “The Legend of Zelda: Rise of The Fallen”. I’m going to skip introducing myself and safe that for the end, specifically because I have something to say for those that happen to stick around through-out the instructions, so get ready.


    First and for most, for those who are new to what this series is about, which I’m sure the majority of you are. The Legend of Zelda – Rise of The Fallen is a machinima made using Super Smash Bros. for Wii U as its base. The series is around 11 episodes long, and so far there are already 5 episodes that are up on YouTube, just in case you want to check them out for yourself! I’d like to explain the plot a bit, and where Link’s journey has taken him this time, and where he’s headed in the future: It is indeed a “Zelda” machinima, however, the story is a bit different this time around. Link awakens from a long nap after Zelda’s coronation to seeks out the Queen. He finds out that their dreams are somehow connected to the same person, but within moments, all of Hyrule becomes taken over by two twins known as the Rova sisters. Suddenly, Link is then turned into a beast (Twilight Princess reference) by the Rova sisters! Link meets up with an unfamiliar face, as he is lead on a Journey to collect three ancient shards that will put the Rova sister’s evil doings to rest. Little does he know that there’s an evil much worse that’s already lurking around in the shadows. It’s only a matter of time before “IT” takes over Hyrule!


    Moving on to the requirements. There are three major requirements, and probably only three major requirements: For starters, you MUST have good mic quality. I’m not saying you need to have the best quality ever, but the quality of your mic must be passable. If you’re not sure how good your quality is, but still would like to try out, go for it! Don’t be shy to send in those lines; Next on the list, you’ll need to have natural voice action. This means that your acting must be believable, even to the audience. There are some demanding scenes for a lot of these characters, which is why having a natural tone of voice is definitely a requirement. I’m not necessarily the best voice actor myself, but it’ll be awesome if your lines can come out as natural as possible; Last but not least (and also the most **IMPORTANT** part) is that if you’re trying out, you’ll need to have good contact with me. Everything will be listed in the end (such as my email/contacts), but having good contact will go a far way. This also includes turning in lines ON TIME. I do not want lines to be turned in super late, if you cannot reach my deadlines, then do not try out for this project, you’ll only hold the project back. This doesn’t mean that my deadlines are super strict, because I do give all of the voice actors I have a realistic time to turn in lines. I know how it is to be busy, I myself took up college/job with machinimating this series, so I understand how busy life can be, just don’t send me lines extremely late, or else you will get recasted after the second time.


    With that said, here’s the last thing I wanted to say. If you do/do not get casted for this project, do not worry! There will be other projects that I will host in the future for people to try out for, it’s not the end of the world. Please do not get discouraged if you tried out for a role and didn’t get it, because at the end of the day, this is something that we all like to do for fun, and there are many better opportunities out there! Also in terms of keeping good contact, I am known for casting people in other projects that I work on, so if you happen to keep good contact and we become a bit close and I like what you do, I will totally ask “Hey, would you like so-and-so role in this project I’m about to do?” Those are usually the people who get roles first before I make casting calls. Besides, I don’t bite, and I think it’s always great to meet new people!



    Email: I'll have to inbox those who get casted for my email.

    Discord: LoneMemer#6316 (this is honestly my main source of communication)

    Snapchat: thegreen.kid

    About the Creator: lonewolf1500

    Will edit this eventually... it's so dated. Lol

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold