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About The Last of Us Part II: Prologue


I’m currently working on a few projects both old and new but recently found the time to put together some footage for a short video I’ve wanted to work on for awhile  

even before Part II was officially announced. Since the sequel isn’t that far from reach now I figure it’s the perfect time to finalize it and put it out there. That being said this project is a one time deal and is not part of a larger series. I expect it to be maybe five to ten minutes in length at the least. For now only one role is required since I’ll also be incorporating unused audio files from the first game to mix together new bits of dialogue. 


Auditions must be female with an age range of 20-30. A decent mic is definitely preferable so as not to conflict too much with the quality of the in game dialogue. 


The intro scene I’m casting for will be done in the POV of a man sitting on a couch and drinking a bottle of whiskey. In the background plays a radio broadcast of rioting happening in Austin. This is meant to be a flashback of Joel’s life before the outbreak but the viewer isn’t going to know this right from the beginning. Joel’s wife walks in carrying groceries and talks about the blackout that’s just hit the area, hence the news reports. She sees Joel drinking the bottle and tries to berate him for his alcoholism and how distant he’s been recently. When she comes closer into view Joel sees that’s she’s covered in what looks like dirt and blood, a look of dread comes over her face before she says his name and tells him he needs to “protect her.” The voice of his wife fades into Ellie’s trying to wake Joel up to take him to Noah, a skilled hunter helping them navigate their way north to another settlement. 


Using the PC version of GTA V along with a ton of mods, including graphical, and editing software. Below is a screenshot from the project that utilizes much of the aforementioned enhancements: 



This is NOT a paid role HOWEVER your name will be prominently showcased in the credits and the the video’s description along with any affiliated links you’d like plugged for what it’s worth. 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold