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About The Language of Flowers|Professional Idol Group

The Language of Flowers is an original idol group that will sing songs from all over the world, including traditional folk songs, as well as idol or pop songs, but translate them all into English, thus you only need English semi-fluency to be in this group! Accents are thus, entirely welcome! The objective of the group is to have beautiful singers from all different types of backgrounds. It will be a rather large idol group because only some will work on a song at once. We will also get a composer that will compose original songs for us to sing.  My ultimate goal is to have everyone have their own original solo songs and group songs with everyone included. Until then, we will do idol songs, Vocaloid songs, and just about any song from around the world. This group will be fast-paced, in order to get as many songs out there as possible to get us known, song due dates will be around 1 week from when the song is given and harmony guides complete.

Audition Guide:

1. Introduce yourself as your name or alias

2. Sing a song

3. Say what languages you can speak fluently in

4. What you can do for the group: harmony guides, lyricist, composer, fashion design, artwork, animator, mixer, vocal coaching, tuning, etc


-You can apply to be any flower as long as you have the attribute for it: Cool, Smile, Pure

Cool voices are powerful and strong and on the deeper side, Smile voices are peppy and cheerful, and Pure are soft and sweet and on the higher side

-You don't have to know any language other than English, but being fluent in another is a plus so you can translate to English for translyrics to be written.

-Audition for as many as you like, if you are unsure, audition in the unsure section and I'll get back to you on which you'd fit best

-You must have a discord

I will be taking the role of Dogwood Flower, my favorite flower due to the states of North Carolina and Virginia having a special place in my heart (despite being from Texas). It's simple and beautiful. I am a mezzo-soprano with a pure attribute. I am a lyricist and I can compose somewhat.

The sub-groups will be created after we form the group and do a blend test. You MUST be active on the discord in some way (which counts as just posting your parts when they are due), so we don't have people waiting MONTHS and still not submitting their lines like in my last group. I want this group to be successful!

All characters' designs will be made after everyone has been cast.

Good luck to everyone! If this is well-received and I believe there are many singers worthy of being in the group, I'll add some more flowers!

To watch our process! Go here:

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold