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Melliya's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Alpha: A Minecraft Roleplay Backstage Casting Call

    Hi there! I am Nancy, your local gamer, and short story writer. I've been trying to make large projects like this for some time, but I never seem to get it right where I want it. This time, I'm hoping to see this one through. This is a Minecraft Roleplay I am calling the Alpha. I've been brainstorming this project for a while now, trying to pinpoint where I want the story to go and how I want the teams to operate. A video for the project will come soon, right now I'm focused on the backstage casting so that we can start building the foundation of the project.

    Please read all the information below before auditioning!!


    The Alpha is a story about the Forest of Lorlina. Within this forest reside two races. Werewolves, and elves. The two races live in peace, but the forest separates the four human kingdoms. Humans have not been allowed in the forest since they tried to destroy it so long ago, leaving ash and ruin in their wake. The elves and wolves came together, driving the humans from their homes and establishing peace to their lands. Magic prevents humans from entering, and if they manage to get in, they never leave. Not without the help of an elf or werewolf. 

    This series follows the story of a girl named Alyssa Brooks. An elven farm girl who lives in the village of Marina, a small town in the southern reaches of the forest. It has no leader, simply a town for farmers and ranchers.

    What we are looking for:

    • Artists. We need artists to draw the thumbnails for this project. As well as character concepts for the skin designers and build ideas for the builders.
    • Skin Designers. Skin Designers will work closely with the artists to bring the characters to the game. 
    • Writers. The Writers will be working with me (Nancy) the closest. I'm not used to writing scripts, typically only short stories. I will be writing ideas down and then we can go over them to put them into script format.
    • Builders. Just like Skin Designers, you will be working with the artists to bring the set to life. 
    • Body Actors. You will be working with me (Nancy) the most. Your job is to help tie everything together. This is the final step before we bring the Voice Actors into play. 


    • You MUST be 13+ to audition for any of the aforementioned roles. If you are found to be under the age of 13, you will be removed from the project and reported to a CCC Moderator. 
    • Be aware that we will all have deadlines to meet. This means you need to be punctual and consistent with your work. If something comes up and you can not finish something or make it to a meeting, let your team leader know beforehand! 
    • Discord will be our main source of communication. Please make sure to have an account set up before auditioning. 
    • Communication will be big during this project. I expect us all to get along going through this project together, therefore, if people begin to argue, team leaders have the authority to step into any situation. If you can not get along with someone in the project or someone on your team, go to their team leader and try to sort it out. 
    • Have fun! I want us all to enjoy this project together. This is a passion project, meaning we should all have fun. If you begin to have the stress of real-life cracking down on you or something in the project has you in a funk, let me (Nancy) or your team leader know. We will help sort it out with you!!

    Thank you for reading and taking an interest in the project. Note that we will be casting for this throughout the duration of the casting call. But all roles will continue being open, as we need multiple of each. Only two roles will be cast for one person and they will be at the end of the casting call. Editor, and Audio Engineer.

    Note: The project's timezone is Central America. Most of our meetings and project discussions will happen around late evening CST/CDT.

    Body Actor Application

    About the Creator: Melliya


    I am Melliya, more known as Nancy! I am a sixteen-year-old aspiring voice actress, writer, and Twitch streamer. I look forward to working with you!! I've helped out with Center Stage (Yes, I'm that Nancy), I work with QuteJakey on Magiclicas, as a builder, body actor, and voice actor for some background characters. Shoot me a discord message, or pm here if you want to talk more!

    Discord: Mell#1172

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold