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Classes Start Week of July 18
  • Audio Engineering
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  • Creating Manga and Webcomics
  • Improvisation

Syndicate's Previously Completed Works

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    About Syndicate

    This is Syndicate☆, an idol group devoted to covering Love Live songs! ^O^ About covering Love Live songs, we will focus on one song. We will start with singing the song in Japanese and after that, the same song but in English. I will be self-casting as Nico!~ We will be using Google Hangouts for communication. If you have any questions, comment on this project or private message me. If it's not an inconvenience, you could email me at [redacted]. Now everyone, enjoy auditioning with all your might and don't hold back! I'm looking forward to what your voices will bring.

    Thus, I have a question to everyone. Can you figure out which number I choose from 50-100? If you figure out the number, you can choose at least one role that you have auditioned for and self-cast as that character. If you figure it out but you have not auditioned for any role, that will not count. The first person to figure out the number can get a role but after that even if anyone else gets the number, it still does not count ^^ You may only submit your guesses one at a time on the comment page and you can only do 3 guesses each day in order to prevent cheating.

    Thank you for reading, enjoy auditioning! C:

    Other roles will be updated soon so check back whenever you can! :)

    About the Creator: syndicate

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