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About Steven Universe: "We Are The Crystal Gems (Extended Version)" Cover

Hello everyone! I'm hoping to put together a small group of voice actors and singers to cover this extended version of "We Are the Crystal Gems". Ideally, this will also include the brief dialogue beforehand. This is my first project, so in no way am I looking for professional level quality. I will be directing and voicing Pearl in this. I'm also open to mixing and editing the video, though I've included audition slots for those as well if you're interested! (You're welcome to audition for both a voiced part and as a mixer/editor).

A few things, though:

  • I'd love for you to sound somewhat like the character you're auditioning for, but please don't just do an impression! I want you to bring something special to it. That's why I'm making this cover, after all!
  • Do your best to reduce any background noise and peaking in your audition. 
  • Feel free to add music into your audition, but it is by no means necessary. Additionally, PLEASE do not edit your voice at all. I want to hear you! 
  • The guidelines in the description are pretty loose, if you want to improvise any lines or include any lines/songs you think would fit, feel free to. I'd like to hear at least one take of each line, though.
  • I will not be casting anyone transphobic, racist, homophobic, or otherwise problematic. If you are cast and I later find out you hold any of these problematic biases, you will be kicked from the project
  • Ideally, this will be published on my YouTube channel, so if that makes you uncomfortable I recommend you don't audition.
  • We will be communicating mainly over discord. If this is an issue, feel free to include the information in the comments of your audition, or send me a PM.
  • Please be comfortable singing harmony! I'll either provide sheet music and/or isolated clips of the specific parts, but just know that the harmonies here are a major part of why I'd like to record this.
  • Feel free to audition for multiple roles, but since this is such a small project, I will not be double casting any actors.
  • Most of all-- have fun! This is by no means a professional project. 

About the Creator: Immutable

Hey there everyone! My name is Immutable, but you can also call me Mutie! I'm currently studying vocal performance and arts management in college. I have experience with stage acting, as well as professional vocal training. I run a podcast through my university, so I'm somewhat comfortable on a mic (I still have a lot to learn about editing, though!). I love board games, webcomics, horror movies, and coffee! Thank you very much for your time!

Here is my Carrd with more information and my social media links! 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold