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    About Spongebob Latin Fandub (Spongirobertus Quadribracus)

    This is a Latin fandub of Spongebob Squarepants. Knowing Latin is not required, although being able to emote the lines correctly and pronounce (or learn quickly to pronounce) Classical Latin is. Don't worry too much about emoting - there will be word-for-word script translations so you'll know how exactly you should be talking to make the line sound natural. You should also have a skype name you can use, as we'll be using skype to create a group chat for everything. Finally, a decent quality mic is needed (built-in mac laptop microphone is the lowest quality acceptable), and you'll need to have a way to be able to watch an episode while recording if it is sent to you so you can lip-sync as well as possible. If you do happen to know Latin and would like to help with the scripts, feel free to comment below about that as well - we need all the help we can get! :)

    Pronunciation tips:

    V = W. V's NEVER sound like English V's in classical Latin. Ever. This is extremely important!!

    A = ah   E = eh   I = ee   O = oh   U = oo   Y = roughly making an "ee" sound with rounded lips (don't worry, Y's aren't common!). Generally shorten the sound if it comes in the middle of a syllable, and elongate it if it starts or ends a syllable.

    H's are more of an aspiration than an actual, full-sounding H.

    All consonants not listed above take their hard sound in English. R's are rolled if there are two in a row, and they're tapped if there's only one. (Tapping is like the double t in the word "latter.")

    Th = t   Ch = c  Ph = p  Ps = s  Ae = "ie" in pie  Oe = oy  Eu = yoo  Au = ow

    Syllable stress and vowel length (This looks confusing, but trust me, it's not bad at all and sounds natural!): 

    1. If the second to last syllable is long, it is accented. (See rules 3 and 4)

    2. If it is not long, the third to last syllable is accented.

    3. If a syllable has a dipthong (double-vowel; see the last four pronunciation guide entries directly above for the most common examples), it is long.

    4. If a syllable has a vowel that's placed before two consonants (pu-ell'-a, a-du-les'-cen'-ti'-a), it is long.

    5. The last syllable is never, EVER accented. Ever.

    Handy tips (not as effective, but they're good when you're stuck):

    -Consult wiktionary. A lot of the words have pronunciation keys.

    -Ask me if necessary. If you get cast and are struggling, I'll gladly make an audio track with the flow of the words for you. This is probably the most challenging part of pronunciation, but trust me, after a little practice it becomes so natural you don't even think about it. Don't get scared by how weird and long this section is!!

    NOTE: The quality of the Latin translations of the lines here is not reflective of the quality of future scripts. This is just to get a sense of who would be a good fit for a character; a rigorous proofreading proccess is being set up for all scripts that are worked on.

    Thank you to all who audition! Your participation is immensely appreciated. Break a leg!!

    About the Creator: supernova888

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold