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    About Smoke and Mirrors


    Hi everyone!

    This is a casting call for a series that I’ve become extremely passionate about and have been developing recently, known as Smoke and Mirrors. It will be a Sims 3 Voice Over Film (not series, and I do have some ideas for a sequel if it earns positive feedback. I’m open to everything).

    Since it is a film, I will need voice actors who are reliable. Deadlines can be super stressful when they’re lingering over you for weeks, and I’ll be sure to be flexible with extensions of any kind. I do voice acting of my own and understand completely!

    As far as rules go, do whatever pleases you. Understand that a good microphone is appealing, but just overall have fun with the audition. I’m not a serious person at all. A lot of times I approach auditions wondering if I should be professional or just have fun with it, and I’m telling you guys to have fun with it. Include any shitty bloopers, I’ll gladly take them ♥

    Note: For characters, I’m only providing two main characters (with their appearance in the video), however there are so many “supporting”, reoccurring characters. I haven’t created their appearances in the game yet because I’ve  been too excited to put out this casting call. For all of the characters, I will provide a brief biography of course on who they are and why they’re important/crucial to the story line. Along with supporting characters, I have many extras. So please don’t feel intimidated by the whole “only two main characters”, and feel like you shouldn’t audition because you don’t think you’ll get it. YOU’RE WRONG.


    I sat down on my bed with a composition book in my lap and a pen in my hand, wondering what I wanted this series about. I knew I wanted it to be something that occurred in only one afternoon and an entire night. I was inspired by the movie “Before We Go” (it’s on Netflix, go watch it), where two strangers seemingly meet in one night and take on the conflicts that occur, all while trying to help each other.

    I took that inspiration and morphed it into my own. Eden Clark recently moved to Los Angeles to try and get away from her mother, residing in San Diego. Due to a past relationship, Eden became a bit sheltered around guys. She decided to take up online dating, as a way to message someone, simply words, to get to know them a bit better before actually meeting. From there, she meets a guy named Troy. Little does she know, when a simple visit to a local coffee house, she sees the exact same guy on Troy’s profile. But it’s not Troy.

    contact me:

    if for any reason you need to contact me, message me or email me at:


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold