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    About Halo: Shadow Ops Training SFM

    This animation was an idea that me and my old group come up with. It starred the main character which his name was Bill. Simple i know but it had a good twist in the background origin. This video is a training room scenario put together to train Bill and or train the others not to die as well. This is a 1 vs 26 battle... with 26 of the deadliest agents in the galaxy. This animation will be done in SFM (Source Filmmaker).

    Will add pictures soon.

    The cast consist of 26 agents, 1 shadow ops, and 1 director.

    Updating 9/3/15: I'm going to do some precasting here in the next 3 days. If your interested in some parts, I would suggest auditioning for them. 

    The Script is being work on today so I will have a good bit ready come recording time.

    There will be 3 more characters that will be add. 2 elites and a radio guy. The second elite and a Radio man, I will be playing those parts.

    Update: 9/18/15 I add pictures for the director, zeta, and elite to show how they look.

    Upadte: 9/20/15 Add more pictures, Agent X, Nevada, Locke, Indiana, Ghost, Hellspawn, Quinn, P, Yancy, and Florence. I will be conducting precasting for Agent Bishop soon. Be sure to get in your auditions in before its too late. I know that there are some great voices out there.

    All Pictures are loaded up.

    Update 9/27/15: I will precast Agent Bishop tonight.

    Update 10/5/15: I decided to create some helmetless characters Rook is the first.

    Update: project will be part of my other active project. 


    Update 11/1/15: Will be casting characters tonight.

    I have casted everyone except for 3 people. For those 3 I really love your guys audition, they just needed to have allittle more feel and accents to them. I have proceed to move the deadline to the 14 at the same time as my other project ends. So for eveyone you can submit or resubmit as many takes for these characters. And also feel free to check out my other project. This one including my base attachments project are one in the same. So have at and let me hear those awesome takes.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold