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Seth Fox Pearson's Previously Completed Works

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    About seven deadly sins, sin hunt

    this is something i just made. while auditions are being done, i will be creating the script. it wont be a visual thing. it will be more like a listen to for people. sadly, i have alot of school work. GCSEs are not very easy so until then, i will be constantly extending the time of this project until i have enough time. this product is set before the 4th season, the imperial wrath of the gods.

    Update made on the 24/2/2021
    i have currently been very busy. very sorry to all those who have auditioned and have heard nothing. i have started writting the script. sadly, GCSEs and covid have not been helpful so i do not always have the time to look over things however now, i have more time then usual. so please feel free to audition. i will constantly be updating the deadline.


    Script (will be updated every now and then)

    Narrator: This is a tale of Ancient time. An era before the human and the non human worlds were forever divided. He start are tale off a few months after the battle of liones against the man made demons and Hendrickson. Meliodas, King, Escanor, Merlin, Goather, Diane, Elaine, Elizabeth and Hawk, all in the boar hat tavern, talking of their next adventure.

    Hawk: ok everyone. Lets think about this.

    Meliodas: (confident) Ok everyone. Lets think long and hard about this.

    Hawk: (confused and annoyed) what. Thats what i … never mind

    Meliodas: Bans been gone for 2 weeks.

    Elaine: 2 weeks, 4 days, 11 hours and 12 minutes.

    Meliodas: yep. And we need to find out where hes gone.

    Hawk: (says confused) are we just going to ignore that Elaine has been keeping track like that?

    Merlin: (ignoring Hawk) yes however i can not find him even by using my magic. I believe Ban may have been captured by something.however if he has. They may have quite strong magic.

    Elizabeth: (concerned) Are you sure? 

    King: Even if he has been. He’ll find a way to escape.

    Elaine: He better find a way.

    King: he will be.

    Narrator: as they talked, under liones base, in a secret area, ban layed on the floor, with a cloaked figure standing over him. Around 2 hours passed before Ban woke.

    Ban: where the hell am i? 

    Mystery: that doesn't matter for now. 

    About the Creator: seth-fox-pearson

    im 15 and its been my dream to voice act. i do create projects at the same time. 

    i hope you guys enjoy my projects. i find them really fun to create and i love hearing all the different voices others do in auditions

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