"Keep Moving Forward" - Monty Oum ~ 1981 - 2015

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Just a small-time/aspiring YouTuber that wants to do big things with voice actors and various series that I love, as well as with my own characters

  • @ross-k

    VCD was an exceptionally great person to work for. I provided a voice over for his awesome visual novel series, and he paid me within a few hours of sending him the final retakes. Polite, professional, and very easy to work for. Highly recommended.

  • @sayhalogoodbye

    I had a very smooth and easy process to work with veryclassydemon. I hope to work with them again someday!

  • @jetfalco

    Ah! What to say about VeryClassyDemon - They're by far one of the most pleasant people to work with on a project. Very imaginative, thoughtful, and it's an absolute joy to be a part of anything they produce!