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Kikanator96's Previously Completed Works

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About Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

Hi. I thought it would be fun to do a comic dub of the second Volume of Scott Pilgrim. Please have a good mic if you want to audition. I hope we will have lots of fun with this project.


 Wow! Between this website and BehindTheVoiceActors.com, more then 40 people audtioned with over 130 audtions. That is crazy! I just wanted to take the time to thank every single one of you for wanting to be a part of this little project of mine that I decided to do just for fun. When I first started this project I decided to just set up roles for the high school scene because I thought nobody was interested. I thought maybe if enough people wanted to do this I will do the rest. Then I decided to do the rest anyway and see what happens. Now I see that it was worth it. I also wasn't expecting the auditions to be THIS GOOD! All of you did such a great job, I am totally in lesbians with each and every audition. The downside about this though is that there isn't enough roles for all of you. That was always my biggest fear about this, knowing that I won't be able to get everyone even though everyone showed such passion and talent. To everyone who didn't get a part, I am sorry. I have started voice acting on this website regularly around 3 weeks ago and I know it stings when you don't get a part in a project that you are deeply interested in, but I thank you for showing your interest and I hope you keep up the good work and I hope to hear you soon in other projects. Never give up. Whether I manage to make this video good or it turns out to be total crap, it doesn't matter. This project was made to show how much we love Scott Pilgrim, for fans to come together and share their love and just have some fun. To everyone who got a part, Congratulations! Please find me on Skype (Kikanator96), so that you can send me your voice files. I hope we all get along and have fun together. Who knows, maybe I will do Volume 3 as well. I will definetely keep you all in mind. But I thank every single one of you. I wish you all a great day and have fun voice acting.

From your Scottaholic host Kikanator96

S0uLX (Scott Pilgrim)
AlyssaE90 (Ramona)
peterplatypus (Wallece)
treasureclaire (Knives)
harumi (Stacey)
amy pilgrim (Kim)

vogonicpoet (Stephan)
Marty Mcgillicutty (Lucas)
JaneDuncan (Envy and Girl Behind Counter)
velma cariss (Lisa/Scott's Mother)
nickinolegz (Simon)
insomniaticvoiceactress (Julie)
sleepypremonition (Hollie)
c the scho (Monique)

51kittens88 (Tamera)
misellrai (Sara)
Aarlyn (Sandra)
ross-xvi (Joseph)
engineerwho (Dude/Lawrence)
lakafin (Luke/Bully)
azarath (Teacher)
pariah (Scott's Dad)

Elliot Colby Johnson (Lauren)
PonehAnon (Guy at party #1)
TMeyer91 (Tough guy/Guy at party #2)

Final Message To Cast:

IT'S DONE!!! After a whole year since I have started this, the video is finally done. I am going to upload it in chapters with intro and outro but this is the main thing in its completed form for you guys to enjoy. I am so, so sorry that it took so long to make, school started again last march and that took away a lot of my time.This project took way longer then I thought and sometimes it was a pain, but I am so happy with the end result and am happy to finally share the completed thing with you guys. I hope you guys continue voice acting and hope to see you guys in future projects. I know half of you probably won't see this, but I want to thank every single one of you for wanting to be a part of this. You guys are an amazing cast and you couldn't have done your characters more justice. I hope you enjoy the final product. You guys seriously ROCK! (heart) From your Scottaholic Kikanator96

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold
New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.

New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.