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Malice's Previously Completed Works
    About Sanders Sides Fan Dub [Fan Animation]

      Hi Everyone!
      This is a small fan dub project for the Thomas Sander's: Sander's Sides fandom. This is more or less a test run of the idea to see if it's a format that works for future animations. So there's a chance that there'll be further voice roles with these characters available in the future if this first video goes well.

      This is a very small project with some characters only having one line of dialogue, as such the expectations of the VA's is fairly minimal.
      - You'll be expected to submit your audio in a timely manner.
      - Have access and make use of a microphone capable of recording your performance without picking up overwhelming background noises or excessive peaking/clipping.
      - Do a relatively convincing or pleasing to listen to impression of which ever character you are applying for.


      Since this is a fan project that I'm running and organising in my spare time with little to no chance of any financial gain, it won't be a significantly high paid role.
      I'll provide each of the VA's with $5USD as an expression of gratitude more than anything else. 

      All the Sides from Sanders Sides make an appearance in this video, however Janus (Deceit) is the main role and has the most voice lines. As such applications for his role will be more carefully considered.

    • Timeline:
      In order to give everyone time to apply as best they can, we will not be choosing any VA's until the night of Monday 16th (Australian Time), at the earliest.


    1.) This is just a small fan project so don't stress it! It'll just be a bit of fun for everyone.
    2.) Once the project is over you may be offered further roles in fan animation dubs in the future. We may also open up applications again to give other fans a chance. We'll see what the future holds.
    3.) Feel Free to contact Mal if you have any questions. We also manage the project in a small creator discord that you're welcome to join: https://discord.gg/S5AEWna4me

    Have fun and good luck!

    About the Creator: malice

    I am still new on this site, so there's a bit of an information and content gap. That will be remedied eventually, just be patient. 

    For now let me say I'm a complete novice when it comes to voice acting and so I tend to stick to my greater strengths, scripting and project planning for the time being. 

    Chances are I'm already working on some new ones and I hope to get a lot of other great voices to help me out along the way. This might begin to make up for my lack of experience voice acting.

    I don't bite, so feel free to shoot me a message if you have anything you'd like to ask or say. Have a great day guys and good luck.