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About DamienGrey

Good day!

My name is Joe Griffiths, and I'm a voice over talent based in Atlanta,

I've been doing Voice over work for five years now, and I absolutely
love this industry! My passion for this industry comes from an early
background in stage performance, there I learned to be comfortable with
my own voice, and confident in my abilities.

I have a home-installed studio for recording, and I also have my own
professional recording equipment, so I'll deliver the best possible
product. I do this Full-Time, so I'm always available, so just message me with any questions.

I'll link work below, thank you for taking the time you check this out!

An animated Film - I portray the one with the Eye Patch


Animation & Video Game Demo's



A non-profit I am the voice for


A company I do Voice Over work for, Guch


A travel commercial I voiced


A Camera Commercial I voiced


A Luxury Lifestyle Based Channel

Thanks for checking out my work!

  • @spooks

    Turned in his lines right away, has a good voice, fun to work with, overall a great VA you should consider for your projects.

  • @pcomstock

    Damien provided a voice over for me on a project and I'm so happy to have cast him. He is quick to record lines and has an amazing voice. I would work with him again many times over.

  • @last-second-films

    Joe auditioned for a role on one of my casting calls, and he smashed it out of the park. He's a brilliant voice actor. He put's a lot of emotion into his roles and really helps sell the character he is voicing. Furthermore, Joe asks a lot of questions and seems really passionate about voice acting, always trying to see if there is anything else he can help with. I would highly recommend Joe as a voice actor!

  • @malice

    I ran a small fan dub project with DamienGrey as a VA for us, playing Logan from Thomas Sander’s ‘Sanders Sides’.
    Working with DamienGrey was perfectly pleasant, he was friendly and timely with the delivery of lines, especially given the project was worked on in a very short timeframe. His vocal work was strong and clean. We were thrilled to have him working on the project with us and would recommend him as someone to work with in the future to anyone that would ask. Thank you for working on this project with us Damien!