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About Smearlull

Just a guy doing some voice work for fun! If you have any advice or if you'd like to message me for a project, my discord was Tomalocaris#2094, but is now Smearlull#2094

Demos & Samples

Temporary Demo Reel

Warning, this demo reel has a decent amount of yelling so be prepared for that. Just made this temporary reel with the roles I was cast for while I still had a USB mic. The next demo reel will only consist of that sweet XLR quality ;)

  • @aslarimarva

    I worked with Smearlull recently and just wanted to say that he is super talented and very easy to work with, they did the lines very quickly and took the advice very well! His voice is very stunning and I could happily recommend him to any project!

  • @malice

    I ran a small fan dub project with Smearlull as a VA for us, playing Janus from Thomas Sander’s ‘Sanders Sides’.
    Smearlull had a great range in his application and without knowing the source material provided a very strong voice as well as a willingness to look into the characters and adapt to the project.
    He was wonderful to work with and I’d highly recommend him both for his vocal range, friendly work demeanour and timeliness! He provided plenty of takes of his lines, all of which were clear and well delivered. He also got his lines to us very quickly given the project was completed in a very short amount of time.
    It was brilliant having him working on this project with us and I would highly recommend him as someone to work with in the future as a strong voice actor and great addition to a team project environment!

  • @xyrodonatus

    Working with Smearlull was exceptional! His vocal range and talent were stunning, and overall he was an utter delight to work alongside, which was accompanied by his amazing personality and demeanor! I would strongly recommend him for any project!