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    About Musicbox [Fanime]

    (It is MANDATORY that you read the Plot Description, Details, and Rules before auditioning. The Intro is optional~)


    If the Explainer video doesn't work, here ya go!

    My first fanime! Finally!

    Ahem, anyways, hello! And thank you for checking in~

    I've always been a big fan of fanime! I am a very diligent person, but I never really had the courage to start my own fanime. But now, I do, and this project has been in development for three months now and ready to RUMMMMBBBBLLLLLEEEE!

    This fanime really means a lot to me, as it symbolizes something important. Ever since I could remember, I've never kept a friendship (Or any relationship) because of the lack of communication on my part. I was always aloof and all my friends found new ones. The three main girls are all apart of my social personality split up, and interacting with each other.






    Slight Dark Comedy

    They've been best friends ever since middle school. Rosemarie, Willow, and Stephanie shared the dream of becoming famous idols. However, when the opportunity comes and breaks them apart, how will they save their friendship from the crippling competition to reach the top--if their friendship can be saved at ALL?


    Each girl has an assigned vocaloid. Rosemarie has Gumi, Willow has Miku, and Stephanie has Rin. They use these vocaloids when they sing. You do NOT have to sing anything NOR sound like the respective vocaloids, but sounding similar or just in their general voice range is reccommended. :)


    1.) Have a decent microphone. I am very picky about this one. This comes naturally. I can't give you merit if it sounds super muffled or background noise. You can edit it out using Audacity or another program. Volume isn't really an issue, as that can be easily fixed.

    2.) Put emotion into it. This fanime is based heavily on friendship and drama. If you don't sound like your talking to a best friend or have enough emotion in your voice during dramatic scenes, the audience won't feel it with you.

    3.) Be patient and consistent. I want to put as much animation in this project as possible. Really just the singing performances, the other scenes are animated by poses and expressions. So of course, episodes will be very spaced out and take some time, even though I'm fairly fast at drawing. And be consistent. I can only imagine it'll be a pain trying to find another voice actor to fill in your role.

    4.) Some of these characters use PROFANITY. Just look at their description for their respective requirements.

    ...And that's just about it~!

    Have fun, and good luck! I can't wait to hear your voices! :)

    NOTE: Minor roles will be released soon as well. These minor roles WILL have MALE characters. I want to seek out the major roles first before I crowd it with minors :)

    NOTE x2: Maybe make a second promo video if I am finished with opening and ending before casting call is finished.

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold