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About Sailor Moon S: The Movie Parody "Ice, Ice Baby"

This is a parody of one of my favorite Sailor Moon films. Sailor Moon S: The Movie - "Hearts in Ice". That I renamed: Sailor Moon S: The Parody - "Ice, Ice Baby". Warning: It has some strong language and a lot of sexual jokes. But anyway, I have the script completed, I'm going to be recording my own vocals starting this weekend, after finals. The finished parody is 72 minutes, including end credits. And I will be placing a "NON-profit" (because I'm not making any money, off of this project) title on the parody when I upload it. I will also put links to the people who work with me (if they want me to), so that they can be recognized for their work. As well listing the voice actors and actresses, in the end credits. Everyone will be paid, at the very end of the project. This is because I'm a college student, an anime congoer and cosplayer; so I have to budget carefully. And while $10 may not seem like much, I will make sure that everyone is paid equally. I don't think it's right, that leads get paid more than supporting and minor characters. Everyone deserves the proper, respectful payment for their work. 

   I'd like the project to be finished before December 2018, so I can release it on YouTube as a shout-out to all my subscribers and those who also hate me. It's my moon revenge. I need the audios to sent to me, in MP3 formats so I can edit them easily. And although I won't be mad, if anyone decides not to commit after reading the full script; for those, who do commit, I do want them to record their lines and be passionate in their roles! I love to see passion. So, I don't want anyone to be afraid to show their passion in their voice acting. And I want everyone involved to be able share their ideas, for bettering their characters as long as everyone is willing to agree to disagree, if any disagreements happen. I'm flexible, but I do have a vision. And for anyone who wants to help me create it, feel free to audition! And you can also contact me, on my Facebook page. I will be happy to answer any questions you have and if I can't email you the script, we can work out how everyone receives their scripts.

   Also, one note about the scripts and participation: I'm willing to work with all the voice actors, for what days (or nights) they can record and send me their work. I understand everyone has life commitments and I'm not a diva. This project does have a listed target date, but like I said I'm flexible. And it will take some time, for me to edit everything once I have all the voice actors and actresses' work on my computer. So, I hope that everyone who works with me will be patient in waiting to see the finished project. I want it to be the best and funniest, that they can watch; especially considering they've given their time and participation to this project. 

P.S. The image for the project is a meme, I created years ago. It's just to add to the humor, of what it's lying in the script. 

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold