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    About Sailor Moon S [Fandub: English]

    ~Sailor Moon S Offical Fandub~


    1. you must be active atleast every few days, not rarely

    2. atleast 13 and up will suit most the voices in this adaption

    3. you must have a good working microphone that does not make anything sound fuzzy, your voice must be clear

    plot of the season:

    Following Sailor Moon R, this season is an adaptation loosely based on the Infinity arc of the manga.

    Middles School is coming to a close, with the high school entrance exam approaching fast for Usagi and the Sailor Senshi. The Sailor Senshi devote much of their time throughout the season to study for the exam, forming study groups As usual, Usagi has trouble being productive and staying on task.

    The high school exam is not the only major concern for the Sailor Senshi though. In episode one of the season, Rei starts having visions in all of which she foresaw the world's destruction. Worse, a new monster appeared, stealing her pure heart crystal. When the other Sailor Senshi tried to save her, they found themselves easily overpowered by the monster, which even pinned down Tuxedo Mask. Fortunately, they were all saved by two new mysterious figures at the last second.

    The mysterious figures were later revealed to be Sailors Neptune and Uranus, whose civilian identities were Michiru and Haruka. Although both were Sailor Senshis, they refused to collaborate with the inner Senshi. They were on their own separate mission that was to find three particular pure heart crystals, which contains the Talismans. Coincidently, the pure heart crystals they searched for were the same ones looked for by a evil organization called the Death Busters. The Death Busters were creating monsters assigned to locate the pure hearts, including the one that attacked Rei. As a result, Sailors Neptune and Uranus had to battle the Death Busters but always found the inner Sailor Senshi interfering, which they didn't like.

    For a while, the inner Sailor Senshi still had no idea who Neptune and Uranus really were. By episode 109, Usagi, Michiru, and Haruka transformed in front of each other as a last resort, revealing their identities to each other. Knowing each others' secret identities, Michiru and Haruka approached Usagi one day, telling her and the other senshi to stay out of their way.

    Eudial, a member of the Death Busters, discovered that Neptune and Uranus held two of the three pure hearts. She lures them into a trap and gets a hold of their Talismans. All the Sailor Senshi arrive, but battles Eudial to no success. Sailor Pluto appears and revives Neptune and Uranus. Her garnet orb is the last three of the Talismans. Sailors Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus each use their Talismans to create the Holy Grail, which gave Sailor Moon the power of Super Sailor Moon. With her new powers, Super Sailor Moon defeats Eudial.

    About the Creator: prettycurehastune

    Editor, Writer, Actress, Voice Actor, Singer

    Current Roles:
    Akane Hino / Cure Sunny ~ Smile PreCure
    Max Mayfield ~ Stranger Things Parody
    Georgie Denbrough ~ IT Musical

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