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    About Requiem Mask Comic Dub

    I want to dedicate a dub of this comic to Iron Giibbet Comics, or in my opinion the greatest comic writers alive. This is purely for fun and as the comics aren't finished yet (to my knowledge) this will be on going for awhile until the comics are finished by them.

    We at Creative Goddesses know there are times when one can't send in lines, no worry we will wait for you, if there is at any time you can not send in lines we may have a few understudies for the role. Understudies will be notified by messages.

    This project may not be posted on youtube for obvious copyright reasons for now I plan on giving the videos when finished over to the iron gibbets and ask to publish them and have them in their fan made videos. Or if they can be apart of their Patreon extras either way it's more of a dedication to all their hard work.

    This is rated mature so there are most likely images of death and sexual content.

    More roles will be added over time

    Have fun with this project 

    Character descriptions from Iron gibbets page


    The infamous Opera Ghost that haunts the Opera Garnier in Paris. Erik is solitary and secretive, afraid of opening up to anyone after so many years of being tormented for his appearance. He is a talented musician, inventor, magician & ventriloquist, and he uses all of these to fool people. He has a short temper and very little patience for incompetence. All he wants is to be loved for himself.


    An intelligent girl who hides behind a mask of naivety and sweetness to conceal her true feelings. She has a caring heart but a quick temper and swears like a sailor when she lets her guard down. She discovered Erik’s house on the lake in the opera, and is determined to free the ghosts from repeating their past over and over again… but could she possibly be more than she appears?

    Christine de Chagny (nee Daaé)

    The object of Erik’s affections, she was the first person who was ever kind to him despite the fact that he tricked her into believing that he was the Angel of Music from her childhood stories. She’s proper and classy, but can be incredibly naive. She may have reciprocated feelings for Erik, but could not bring herself to love him, at least, not like she loves Raoul. Both her visage and voice are beautiful.

    Viscount Raoul de Chagny

    Raoul is a wonderful person and he will fight to the death to protect his wife, Christine. He is a very proper sort of gentleman, having been raised in a wealthy family, served in the Navy, and granted the title Vicomte (or Viscount). He is also very playful, however, and a bit childish in his own right. He often falls for Erik’s tricks, and may be just a smidgen of a clutz.

    The Daroga

    Once considered Erik’s keeper, he has become the closest thing to a friend the Opera Ghost has. He was once the Chief of Police in Persia, and often considered the voice of reason. He has told the others to stay away from the living and their world, but becomes a hypocrite by breaking his own rules and throwing himself wholeheartedly into the new age. Mostly due to his love of a living girl, Azadeh.


    He makes a living as a freelance artist, but quickly ran out of money when Chelsey stole his credit card. Alex could be Erik’s twin, which, if Erik didn’t seem to be after his girlfriend he would have probably been pretty excited about. His idol soon becomes a rival when it seems as if both of them have ulterior motives. He seems to be fighting himself, battling some unseen inner war.


    One of Chelsey’s college friends, she was meant to distract Chelsey while Alex prepared to propose, but their plans fell apart. She is very flirtatious and after some coaxing, the Daroga managed to convince her to date him. She has little patience and is incredibly blunt in speech.


    Another of Chelsey’s college friends. She is quirky and appears young for her age. First mistaken as Chelsey’s daughter, but it was explained later that it was all a strange game that they play. She seems to have a crush on Raoul.


    Another of Chelsey’s college friends, She wears her heart on her sleeve and often gets tongue-tied trying to find the right things to say. She always has something on her person from the breast cancer research foundation, having been a long time supporter for her mother.


    Cheerful, playful friend of Chelsey’s that can always get her smiling. They’re friends from high school and came along with Alex to celebrate the intended proposal. He also proves that Canadians have a weird unspoken language between them, when he breaks into Chelsey’s apartment with only the nonsensical sound “bjjjt”.

    La Carlotta

    The previous diva & Christine’s biggest rival. She is a pig-headed, obnoxious woman who cares only for herself. For some unknown reason, Erik keeps confusing Carlotta with Chelsey and this causes awkward situations to say the least. The only thing they have in common is a hairstyle. Carlotta is picking up her old life exactly where she left it, and is being re-released at an upcoming gala performance as a new Prima Donna.


    An increasingly curious man who started off as a security guard at Opera Garnier, but has become increasingly more interactive with our group. He is surly, short-tempered, and keeps popping up at the most inopportune times. He appears familiar to the ghosts, but their memories are fuzzy, and he yet remains unidentified.

    Armand Moncharmin & Firmin Richard

    The bumbling Opera managers from the ghosts’ time. They’ve become very skittish and paranoid from their experiences with the Opera Ghost, but are determined to persevere. Despite this determination, Firmin has a heart condition even though he’s already dead. They have a developing contract with the current manager, Andre Pavarotti, to bring the opera back to its prime.

    Original comic 


    If you haven't read their comics you're missing out in my opinion make sure to check them out

    Also they have patreon so be sure to also check that out for exclusives and such.

    Roles (9)

    About the Creator: creativegoddesses

    Greetings to all who stumble upon this page.

    I am Madame Phantom, or Phantomess if you please. I love acting, singing, dancing, and writing. I am always looking for friends. My name is inspired by my favorite novel/play/movie Phantom of the opera. 

    I currently run youtube with my friends. In the last three or so years I have auditioned and had issues with technology. I am officially back and now I have the technology to begin again. I am happy for this and I can not wait to work with people on here when I auditioned and was casted in the past it was amazing.


    Been in my High school's Musical each year

    Soprano 1 in my choir

    Won a second in contest for singing Think of Me


    I am still a beginner I do not know basic techniques as of yet. 

    I can do child voices 

    Currently learning how to expand my voice range as far as voice acting goes

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold