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About Repose | Destiny 2 Machinima |

From the Holy Shores of Miagesh, and the tunnels of Mars Site IV, to the violent forests of Keva. The story in Repose spans many worlds, characters, and events. Battles with light and dark. Familial trials. Relationships. Sibling control. Religion and Spirituality. Many themes and ideas will be explored. Some serious, others joyful and pure. Like the name suggests peace and tranquility are at the center of some of these characters. Some motives will be understandable. Others, a bit harder to sympathize with. I hope you grow to be invested in this story, as I have worked on it.

The project is a completely original concept. It will use Destiny 2 as its form for its story, however, it IS NOT set in the Destiny universe. No previous canonical knowledge is necessary from the actors. Worlds, beliefs, and characters were formed for this story. Repose is being established as something I can continually come back to and delve into further.

Roles labeled **Apocalypse appearance** (Drafting / Soon to begin filming)

- Apocalypse will serve as a prologue of the events that occur in Flight 2. The flight mainly focuses on a different slew of characters with ulterior motives. The basic plot is The Myriad now holds full control of the city of Keva. Keva's Fallen, a band of citizens are being hunted by The Myriad and there psychotic leader, Loomis Conway. Apocalypse tells the story of the massacre that caused the overthrowing of the city and the many lives that were displaced because of it.

The project will contain violence and language. 

Roles labeled **Chapter 3 appearance** (In production)

- Logline - "Paths cross. Strangers take precedence. Tensions rise. The exile has begun. Will of the Gods or the Humans?"

Roles labeled "Chapter 4 appearance" (Drafting / Soon to begin filming)

- Chapter 4 is the end of Flight 1. It is going to be split into 2 parts. 


    • The project (s) are UNPAID. I do this out of a love for filmmaking and storytelling. Your hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated.

    • The world is always evolving. Story's will be told in the past and present, often building on pre-established notions/ideas. The character's project will be listed in the description of their role. I am casting in advance on many of the small "tales", which take place in the universe. There may be a gap between now and when your respective project releases. There is a roadmap for these stories, all will happen in due time. 

    • The preferred mode of communication will be Discord. Please have an account set up, as this is where the script, character designs, music playlists, and cast read-throughs will occur. My email will be provided to those cast. Other arrangements can be made, though Discord will be prioritized. A server is already set up.

    • Emails will need to be used to access the Google doc's housing the scripts.

    • I am understanding and a bit lax on deadlines. The production process is long as I write, record, edit, mix everything between class and work. However, communication is huge for me. Upon casting, if communication is not made within two days, the role will be recast. I just ask for excellent communication.

    • There are many worlds and characters with funky names. The pronunciation will be provided here and in the script(s).

    • Many of these characters (unless otherwise stated) are not animated and whimsical. Please read the descriptions carefully. Don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions or concerns. However, you can be expressive and inventive in your approach to a character, while playing off their descriptions. 

    • All characters will have a line to "Introduce yourself" at the top. This is solely meant for me to hear your normal voice. Say a few things before diving in!

    • Any of the "extras" will likely be utilized throughout other projects. There is a possibility of picking up as a returning character.

    • You are welcome to audition for any character(s) you would like. I will try and be as descriptive as possible on their bios.

    • I will be speaking with all who are cast over Discord about your character and their place in the world. As the story is evolving, certain ideas, themes, and characters will change.

    • The main arc of the project is split into 3 "Flights." Each flight is set up, though not limited to, 4 chapters. Other projects such as; Demur, Sublime, etc, take place in separate parts of the overall timeline.

About the Creator: Quasar Cinema

Hey there, I'm Mace! Interested in Voice Acting, Writing, and Directing. Always eager to lend a hand if my voice fits. For the most part, I run a YouTube channel that focuses on Destiny and Halo Machinimas, Shorts & Concepts. There you can find quality projects with the utmost care and precision. Lover of all things filmmaking, virtual and IRL!

YouTube: Quasar Machinima

Current Projects:
   - Repose | Destiny 2 Machinima
   - The Angel in the Woods | Destiny 2 Machinima 

In Development
   - Repose Tale #1 | "Apocalypse" | Destiny 2 Machinima

Contact Info:
  - Twitter: @quasarmachinima
  - Discord: MityMorphinMace #1472

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold