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    About Re:Zero - Thug Alleyway Scene [Fandub]

    Hey everyone! 

    So I decided on Fandubbing a scene from the show "Re:Zero - Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu", seeing as it's very popular and has yet to have an official dub release. Accompanied by the fact I enjoyed the show quite a bit, I figured I'd give a shot at it. Now I know it's all too common to have project managers self-cast themselves as the lead roles, so I would like to formally apologize on that front, for doing so... Regardless, if you could find it in your heart to forgive me, and audition anyways, it would be very much appreciated. Anyways I'll give you a run down for the rules below, and my progress, and what to expect if you are cast.

    - Progress -
    I have most of the sound effects, ambient noises, and music mixed in accordingly with the episode scene, at this stage in editing. Not completely finished with it, but I've made considerable headway and just have to wrap up on most of the finishing touches in that department. Also, the script has been completed and adapted into an English script which fits those ever so tedious mouth flaps. Before I held auditions I wanted to get the episode all ready to insert the vocal tracks and be able to upload shortly after. My own lines for Subaru have been recorded about halfway through the scene, but those should not take too long to finish. So that is what we have so far in the state of progress. 

    - The Scene Itself -
    So a brief rundown of the scene being used. Natsuki Subaru is venting to himself, in an alleyway, about his current predicament, when three street bandits attack him. There is a run-in briefly with the character Felt, and he is in the end rescued by Emilia. The scene ranges from about the 4 minute twenty second mark to the 10 minute line in episode one, so it's roughly 5.5 minutes long. I give more specific instructions in the script of the time stamps in the episode to follow, with an included scene link download, to make things easier on the cast chosen. But if you'd like to familiarize yourself with the scene prior to auditioning, that is more than welcome! 
    (Scene at 4:25-10:07): EPISODE LINK

    - Requirements -
    Now I'm not going to exclude anyone because their microphone isn't above the $100 price tag, or if you don't have an XLR setup. However, you absolutely MUST have a good environment to record in. More important than the specs of your microphone, are the conditions of your recording environment. This does not just mean turning off your fan when recording or minimizing background noise, but also completely cutting out any reverberation and having clean audio quality, free of any hindrances. If you sound like you are recording in a cathedral, you won't be considered. Also, if you audition with a laptop built in mic, you're out of the running. That being said, people with better microphone quality than others will be considered in higher regard. I apologize if that isn't something you'd like to hear, but having consistently nice sounding audio quality is of utmost importance, and keeps a project sounding more professional. If cast, there will be more specifications on the formatting of your audio, and what I expect when being delivered lines, but as for now, whatever you can upload to the website, should suffice. 

    - Auditions -
    So here's the fun part: Actually auditioning!! Now I have posted in each character's descriptions what I prefer voice wise. Still though, if you want to wow me for whichever character, don't let my preferences slow you down. Please audition for as many characters as you can. You never know, whether you may think you can do a character or not, I may like what you have chosen to display, and completely surprise you with my casting. More auditions from each individual also show me the more your voice and acting range has to offer, which may liken your chances at a character. And don't get over stressed or anything while attempting to perform, this is just a fan-dub, and we do this because we love doing it. So have fun! And act your heart out!!

    - Final Product -
    Due to Youtube's fabulous copyright restrictions and rules, odds are I won't be able to get away with putting an entire 5 1/2 minute Fan-dub up there. So instead, I will upload a small preview clip on Youtube linked to the full dub on either Vimeo or Google Drive.

    Lastly, I will not be casting until the due date, and may hold extensions, depending on whether I get the desired amount of auditions I'm hoping for. If cast, comment your email on your audition for the character chosen, and that is how I will choose to communicate with all of you. Thank you so much for reading and taking your time to apply for the project! Best of luck to you all.

    About the Creator: thegoldengirls

    The name's Daniel, and I like to voice act. Been doing it for a little over three years, and have loved, and admittedly detested a whole lot of it. More specifically if a project is more geared towards a professional, determined, and productive angle, I'll love it. If a project/project manager do not display any of the aforementioned traits, it's pretty garbage to work in those conditions. 

    Shoot me a PM if you'd like to discuss voice work further, and I'll hit ya up with my email. 

    I go by "USO Squad" on BTVA. Don't ask why I am known as "Thegoldengirls" on here, it's a decision I made at a time where I felt it'd be great, to which now I truly regret.   

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold