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    About Purgacity! (Original Animatic Series WIP)

    Hello! My name is Annie and currently I am developing an original series known as Purgacity. Here's a little info on it:

    When we die, there are three worlds: Heaven, Hell, and Purgacity. Purgacity is the world of those who died too quickly and didn't get to live out their whole lives. Those people live in Purgacity until they die there and then go to Heaven or Hell. The world of Purgacity is headed by a council of Reapers that all live in a mansion at the height of the the world. This leads us to Camila, the maid of the reaper mansion. She has recently died and has begun working at the Reaper Mansion. However while working there she starts getting strange visions and meeting even stranger people. What could the reapers be hiding? 

    Currently Purgacity is in development, and I hope to get the first episode out by the end of the year. The series as a whole will probably be around 10-13 episodes (if this was a normal 11 minute cartoon).

    I have plenty of roles up for audition and I have only a few requirements:
    -You must have Discord in order for me to contact you.
    -Background noise needs to be kept to a minimum. Maybe use Audacity (I highly recommend it!)
    -You have to be on Discord regularly. As long as you're on like once a week that's fine. I have to be able to contact you if I need something.
    -I will usually give people two weeks to get their lines in, however I can be flexible with this.

    Like I said, this series is still early in development and I probably won't start production for a few months now (I'm hoping to start in October). I can extend the deadline if necessary. If you have any other questions, please don't be afraid to ask!

    Extra Notes:
    -I am also looking for artists (mainly background but character as well) and writers! I am specifically looking for another co-writer due to my one right now being in another timezone. My timezone is CST so if you're close to that and are interested, please contact me!
    -Although the reapers are ageless, most of them would sound roughly 20-25 years old.
    -A few roles have already been given offsite (hence a few colors missing from the reaper family).

    See you in Purgacity!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold