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    About Puella Magi Oriko Magica voiceover


    If you are interested in drawing art for the series, please let me know ASAP!


    Greetings! As part of my experimental process in the voice acting world, I have decided to host a special project. The aim of this project is to create a voiceover of the Puella Magi Oriko Magica manga, which is a spinoff of the anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. For now, I will only be working on the first manga that was released in 2011. Later, perhaps, I may consider hosting a voiceover for the other manga.

    I’m going to assume that most people have already seen or heard of the anime, but for those of you who haven’t read the manga, it follows a new girl, Oriko, who gains the power of foresight from her wish. However, this causes her to see a future where Madoka’s witch destroys the world and thus, Oriko becomes set on finding and killing Madoka. The series introduces a handful of new characters as well as features the familiar cast from the anime.


    I’ll try my best to treat everyone who becomes involved in this process fairly, and to help that mutual respect evolve, I ask that you please read and follow these (simple) rules before submitting your audition.

    1a. You may audition for more than one character. In fact, I encourage you to because it increases the amount of auditions coming in and also increases your chances of making it into the project. In particular, I recommend trying out for the supporting/minor roles if you are auditioning for one or more large roles.

    1b. A voice actor may land more than one role in the project; however, to keep things fair, I will not cast out two main roles, major supporting roles, or supporting roles to the same person. This also applies to casting the same person as a main role and a major supporting role, etc. Your secondary role is restricted to minor or background only.

    2a. Please, no more than two takes per line. Listening to more can become tedious. You may use the second take to say the line a different way or use a different voice.

    2b. Please only include the final version of the lines in your audition. You don’t need an introduction or any disclaimers; in this case, they can be distracting.

    3. Do not audition for this project if you are not going to be active since that will ruin it for everyone. Make sure you have the time before you try out.

    4. Decent mic quality is preferred. A bit of background fuzz or static is okay if it’s hardly noticeable (since a lot of the scenes will be accompanied by music). What you should try to avoid is popping, crackling, and any background distractions. Also, try to find a good distance to stand from your mic so you’re not too loud or too quiet.

    5. You may resubmit your audition once. I will try to give as much constructive criticism as I can to voice actors who I feel have potential but could take it a little bit further. If you are one of those people, feel free to resubmit your audition.

    6. Please try to look up pronunciation guides before you audition for characters. I will provide basic pronunciation guides, but it’s up to you to know how to say the names correctly. I’m not picky about flipping your Rs; if you can’t, that’s fine.

    7. For the sake of gathering as many auditions as possible, I will not be casting roles until the deadline at the very earliest and a week after the deadline at the latest. Thank you for your patience.

    Alright, I think you’ve all done enough reading for now. So let’s just get into the auditions, shall we? The characters below are listed in order of appearance in the manga. Please note that I am not going to judge too harshly on whether or not you can perfectly match the character’s voice from the anime (sub/dub) for the characters who do have anime counterparts; however, those voices have been deemed to fit the characters, so it may slightly improve your chances. But what’s most important, as always, is to show your range of emotions and understanding of the character. You may even find another voice that suits the character equally as well!

    Good luck and happy auditioning!

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