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About Psycho Episode 1 "Alpha" (Recast/Animators Needed)

Hey everybody! This is a casting call for the original series "Psycho" and before you say it, this isn't a remake of the movies, nor any anime. This is my own story, to which I have created it before even learning about other said stories. This story goes over a man named Scott, and his never dying will to make the world a better place before he leaves it. Simply put, he wants to help people be happy and live their lives without harming anyone that hasn't wronged anyone. But a man named Michael, he considers to a brother through bond. Michael does not have this view of life, and to which he does not care if anyone will suffer as long as he's happy in the end. Scott has managed to stop Michael from doing anything drastic before. That is until a woman named Kenzie comes into play. She's lived quite the life to say the least...She's done drugs, parties, lied, cheated and robbed people of a lot in her lifespan. And at first sight...Michael falls in love with her. Scott at the time, tries his best to learn about Kenzie and help see if they would be a good fit, mainly because he has a good eye for reading people. Only to figure out that she was not interested in Michael, even the slightest, if not a little annoyed by him. She was interested in Scott though. Scott attempted to "woo" her for Michael to help him get his first girlfriend, while giving her a job to an underground criminal company that Scott worked for. The Thieves of Thieves department. They only stole from people that have stolen before. (Scott hired Kenzie before he knew that Michael had feelings for her.) Scott fought any feelings that grew for Kenzie, because Michael was like a brother to him, he couldn't betray his family like that. Later on Scott saw it was best if Kenzie were to be fired, to protect her and Michael, and their friends. Just looking out for them...Nobody saw it like that though. They saw Scott as an evil heartless bastard for taking this opportunity away from her. Scott tried again and again to make it up to them to find out that Kenzie was toying with Michael's mind. Making him do things that isn't like him at all. When confronted about it, Michael was already long gone, she manipulated him into hating Scott. Somehow Michael turns Scott's friends, and family, everyone he cares about on him, making them hate Scott in someway. Driving Scott down a dark path, to where his ideology gets a whole more twisted. He starts writing out plans, predictions, theories, about what they'll do, how, and when they'll do anything. He spends weeks of creating alternate timelines based off of past decisions that they did, so he'll be prepared to do what's next. Which is to make Michael go through Scott's 18 steps of life. To finally turn him into a man, because he has acted like a kid for far too long...                                                                                                                                                                                      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------That's the story leading up to episode 1. This project's deadline will jump around a lot, due to me not being finished with the season 1 script but also because I want the best for this project. If that means I got to delay it, I will. To let you all know, this series will not strictly be a visual novel. I'm planning on creating the first two episodes like this,(more if needed) to get some attention and funding to make this an actual live action series. In which I cannot fund all that myself, so I'll spend whatever I can here to get to that point.  

Your pay will be going through PayPal.

Rule #1 : Be 16 or older to audition for any of these roles. (Unless it's a role for a child character.)

Rule #2 : Must have discord, so that I may be able to contact you and send scripts out.

Rule #3 : This isn't necessarily a rule, but if you are sensitive to anything that isn't PC (Politically Correct) I highly recommend that you don't audition.

Rule #4 : For all the people that are casted, you will only be allowed 2 roles. (But you may audition for every role offered, just you're only gonna get two at most.)

Rule #5 : I want you to be passionate about this, not just in it for the money, also this a low budget project that I'm paying for out of my pocket. Meaning prices are non-negotiable.

Rule #6 : Please have a decent quality microphone. I can't be dealing with background noise nor static or anything of the sort.

Rule #7 : Don't be afraid to criticize. As long as it's actually constructive and not toxicity, I am all open for it. I'm trying my hardest to make this project become the best that it can be.

Note : All pay will be conducted in US Dollars through PayPal.

Discord Server Link : https://discord.gg/2HkmBvJQCq

About the Creator: yt-mr-sf

I'm a young enthusiastic voice actor. That can truly put emotion behind every role I play. I can do various voices without any voice changers/modifiers. I believe in raw talent when it comes to voice acting. Even if you do cast me, if I think there could be improvements on the script. I will tell you, not to be an ass, but to make sure the story can be the best that it can truly be.

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