Henry Martin

Henry Martin

(He/Him) Voice Actor, prominent in Fallout mods such as Fallout: London, Sims Settlements 2 & CSEP. Check out my rates below!

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About Henry Martin

Hello! Thanks for checking out my page!

I'm Henry Martin, a voice actor eager to provide high-quality voiceover work in a variety of voices and accents. I've been acting on Casting Call Club for over three years now, and I've been a part of all sorts of projects, including animations, comic dubs, and my favorite, mods! For prior experience, I have taken two voiceover courses at the Guthrie Theater in Minnesota, and have been a choir/theater boy for well over five years now. I have provided professional voicework for Open English. Their testimonial is below!

Projects I've Appeared In:

Warden of the Coast Skyrim Mod

developed by thebawb

Sim Settlements 2 - Chapter 3 Mod

developed by Sim Settlements Team

NCR Marines Mod

developed by kvatchcount

Tales of New Reno: Episode 2 Mod

developed by Cellblock Psycho

CSEP Presents: All Americans Mod

developed by pignessman7

CSEP Presents: Commonwealth Killer Mod

developed by pignessman7

CSEP Presents: Loaded Bases Mod

developed by pignessman7

CSEP Presents: Brothers in Arms 2 Mod

developed by pignessman7

CSEP Presents: The Experiment Mod

developed by pignessman7

Bloody Negotiations - Fallout 4 Mod

developed by dietplums

Havasu Blues Mod

developed by Kungkobra

Fallout 4: FROST Plus Patch

developed by ResGestaelV

New Love Radio 2.0 Mod

developed by Crabcakes125

Special Delivery - Vault 54 Mod

 developed by David Glenney

Who's Sorry Now Mod

developed by DayglowDrifter

Skyrim: Old Blood Mod

developed by Craftian

Redux SE Mod

developed by Craftian

It's A Spidey Christmas Minecraft Machinima

created by Red & Blue Productions

TMNT: The Last Ronin Comic Dub (ongoing series)

created by Fulcrum Entertainment

Hearkened Animated Series

created by hearkenedofficial


developed by Sound Mind Games

Halo: Fireteam Expendables Season 2

created by Authentic Animations

Family Roleplay Series

created by SunsetSafari

The Dragonborn's Aquarium Mod

 developed by Betalille

The Chain of Time Mod

 developed by Betalille

The Serpent Pit Mod

developed by SarthesArai

Vertibird Player Home Mod

developed by Hopper31

Upcoming Projects I'm In:

Fallout: Vault 13 Mod

developed by culinwino

Fallout: London Mod

developed by Team Folon

CSEP Presents: Loaded Bases April Fools Edition Mod

developed by pignessman7

CSEP Presents: Loaded Bases Finale Mod

developed by pignessman7

CSEP Presents: Hatcher Island Mod

developed by pignessman7

New Lands: Harthstone Isles Mod

developed by Betalille

Fallout: Mind Games Mod

developed by OscarN1N7

Fallout: Empire Wastes Mod

developed by PortoWulf

Wastelands: Book 1 Of The Godsfall Chronicles

created by Half-Drunk Wanderer

Project "Hot Drink"

created by Fabian_F

Veezara Remake Mod

developed by MrVideoFreak

Fallout 4: Brotherhood Members Mod

developed by publicenemy1

Fallout 4: Capital Wasteland Mod

developed by F4CW Team

Come Wander With Me Mod

developed by Cellblock Psycho

Testimonial by Open English

"Henry is a pleasure to work with! Lightening-fast turnaround time, high-quality work, follows requested audio notes and instructions, is very easy to communicate with, and of course has a great voice! We’re excited to have him narrate our videos. I look forward to working with Henry again and wish him continued success. I know others will enjoy working with him as well; I highly recommend him for any voice artist work." - Mary-Elizabeth Mcnamara, Program Manager

If you want to contact me, you can DM me here or email henrymartinbusiness15 @gmail.com! From there I'll reach out with my personal email. 

I look forward to working with you! :)

Guthrie Theater - 2020

Voiceover I

Instructed by Jim Cada

Voiceover I and II helped me to grasp the basics of commercial voiceover, as well as help me to produce my demo.

Guthrie Theater - 2021

Voiceover II

Instructed by Jim Cada

Voiceover I and II helped me to grasp the basics of commercial voiceover, as well as help me to produce my demo.


For Fallout/Skyrim Modders looking to use my voice:

I will happily lend my voice to any Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, or Skyrim mod of my choosing without need for compensation. This is because I have a passion for those properties, but also because modders put a lot more effort into their projects than I do, and they don't make a dime from it, at least not 98% of 'em. Mods are a passion project and a volunteer effort, and I will never demand payment from hardworking mod authors just trying to do something they love. However, if a mod author is providing payment, I will expect to be paid the amount listed or discussed when the project is complete.

For ALL other content creators:

I'd be happy to be a part of your project, but I'm gonna' need a little dough. My voice is valuable, and mods are a special exception to the long-held rule that services require compensation. I understand that many creators on this site are on a tight budget, so I'm usually going to be fine with the rate you list. If I don't like the rate, I simply won't audition. If you're looking to reach out to me for my personal rates though, here they are, based on the Indie Rate Guide provided by VoiceActingClub.com:

Per Line - $3 per line, $50 minimum

Per Hour - $75 per hour of recording, 1 hour minimum

Per Finished Hour - $175 per hour of processed recording

Prices are negotiable, but I will be paid for my work. Thank you for reading and contact me with any questions you have!

What Henry Martin is looking for

My favorite roles to take are Fallout and Skyrim mods, but I also like animated series and audio dramas! 

  • @thereconjacob

    Delivered high quality voice work in a short period of time. Definitely recommend!

  • @sound-mind-games

    Henry provided us with good quality work in a very short time. The technical quality of his recordings was also great, so we did not lose time doing noise reduction or other corrections.

  • @davidglenney

    Fast turnaround, consistently clean audio, diligent attention to my needs and good acting! What more could one want in a voice actor?

  • @fulcrum-entertainment

    Incredible voice actor to work with. Had a really fast turnaround and never had any issues redoing or recording extra lines. Quality of voice work was great as well! Glad to say that I'll be working with him again on my future projects.

  • @cu-na-saoirse

    HenryMartinVA approached me during a casting call for a Fallout: New Vegas mod titled NCR Marines. The goal of which was to give the NCR a new type of infantry. HenryMartinVA played a generic Raider voice type (Don't let the word "generic" fool you, he recorded over 150 lines of dialogue) and boy, did he deliver excellence.

    He actually approached me twice, but was passed over the first time in favor of someone else. Boy, was that a mistake! When I had to recast that someone else, HenryMartinVA reappeared once more and I realized, then, that this was *HIS* role.

    He did many different things. From singing a song about frag grenades to calling the player character a f*cker to screaming in mortal terrorr as he was lit aflame by a flamethrower. Everything handed to HenryMartinVA was handled expertly, efficiently, and.... well... just generally in a very kick *ss way. I genuinely thought this dude was a bandit who was pressed into service.

    On one final note, when a bunch of VAs dropped out of the project rather unexpectedly, HenryMartinVA appeared once more to offer help in filling up these roles. The offer was much appreciated and showed his dedication to the projects he works on.

    In short, HenryMartinVA is nothing more than a professional voice actor in a video game that is desperate for such people. If someone were to tell me that he was Triple-A and had played in games like Far Cry or Battlefield, I would believe them 100% without any proof. I heartily recommend him to any and all and would jump at the chance to work with him again.

    As a singer once said, "You're gonna go far, kid."

    Proof of work received:


  • @hearkenedofficial

    Henry was a wonderful help and professional talent to have on board our project. So glad I had the chance to work with him. Highly recommend him for any number of projects. 

  • @redandblue-productions

    Henry was profoundly proficient in executing his lines with great gravitas and professionality for Hammerhead in our project - "It's A Spidey Christmas". I highly recommend him for future endeavors!
    -Red&Blue Productions C.E.O; EST 2015.

  • @thebawb

    Just finished working with Henry on a Skyrim mod. He proved to be both incredibly reliable and very easy to work with right from the beginning, recording the lines well within the first two weeks of being cast. His lines were professional, clean, and quite well-spoken. Overall, I highly recommend him!

  • @pignessman7

    Excellent voice, excellent person, excellent turnaround. I hope to work with him again because he is honestly one of the best.

  • @akarion

    Great voice acting, really captured the character of the assigned role.

  • @fallout-vault13

    Henry was great! I highly recommend him.

  • @Crabcakes125

    Fast, efficient, high quality lines! No hassle, no problem, a very good voice actor to work with!

  • @betalille

    Henry has been part of one of my Skyrim mod projects and has delivered the lines he was given perfectly.
    From acting fierce and strong to slightly decomposing himself because of fear, he was able to show his impressive voice-acting skills in just a few lines.
    Would definitely work again with him, if the opportunity arises!

  • @pignessman7

    Awesome dude and great voice actor, always a pleasure to work with him.

  • @craftian

    Henry did a great job at bringing Ralis to life for Old Blood with the quality and delivery I was looking for. Recommended.

  • @DayglowDrifter

    I am a Fallout: New Vegas modder who contacted Henry to see if he would be interested in a project I am working on. Not only was he interested but he ended up voicing the projects main character.

    He was able to zero in on the voice I was looking for (a Hollywood-style mobster) immediately and after I okayed the stellar samples he sent me he had all 50+ lines done in a matter of days.

    An A+ guy to work with who delivers consistent professional-quality voice acting. I am proud to have him on my project and you will be too!

  • @SarthesArai

    Great voice acting, went through all requested revisions without problem.

  • @Dietplums

    Henry Martin provided his excellent voice to a barkeeper character for my upcoming project

    Highly recommend 

  • @hopper31

    Henry was fantastic to work with on my mod for New Vegas, he delivered his lines in a timely manner with excellent quality, with each line being acted perfectly as directed. Would certainly recommend him to others!