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Katiesocks's Previously Completed Works

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    About Project Eclipse

    A group of friends wake up one morning after an unexplained meteor shower/ lunar eclipse combo and realize they have super powers. They decide to record their experiences and what goes on since the discovery of their powers for prosperity and for future reference.

    What they don't know is using their powers have consequences and once they start to use them they can't stop completely or else the consequences can become fatal.

    In the beginning there are only five who realize they have super powers. They form a club called the Lunar Oddities and begin recording everything that happened since discovering their powers.

    Recordings can happen anywhere and at any time and should express what's happened so far to the character recording as well as what's currently happening to them.

    There is a character who has precognition but whenever they record what's going to happen the tape suddenly vanishes and when they try and change the future the consequences can become fatal. Let's say they try to prevent someone's death, laws of fate say someone else has to die in their place. Usually someone of equal importance to the character or more importance.

    All powers have side effects whether it's after they've been used or during use. Once powers are used often enough there are side effects to not using them, sometimes all these effects can be fatal

    The villain of the story is one of the main five but none of them know it yet. That person is being controlled by a third party who not only wants to take over the world but see any abled individuals dead.

    This third party is actually responsible for giving the characters their powers due to experiments done on them as children although they don't discover this until much much later.


    - must be okay with swearing

    - must be okay with mature content

    - must be okay with screaming/being loud

    - I won't say no to any young voice actors, but please realize this is going to get graphic. If you're not okay with recording graphic content in the long run, please don't audition

    - please have a clear mic, editing can only go so far

    - please have fun!

    All cast members are invited to help with writing the script as long as the basic plot is followed. I'm also looking for other writers to help as well. If you're available to help write please e-mail me at [redacted]

    About the Creator: katiesocks

    A little odd, a little vain, but doing okay    

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold