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About [Animated YT Original] Project Broken Episode 1 Part 1

Currently, the story revolves around two people who each have a similar goal, “have a place to call their home, with a family they can love”. However, as simple as it may be, many things stand in the way of their goal. Each on their way to reclaiming what was once stolen from them, their paths cross and attempt to destroy one another.

The “villain”, Yoichi Cardwood has lived all his life as the “cursed” child. Many had believed it was his mother's fault for making the Elven economy suffer, many curse his mother for falling in love with a human and producing this “bad luck charm”. To rid themselves of this terrible luck for the country, shouldn’t it be okay to clean it of one small mistake? Certainly, his whole family is cursed as well.

The “Hero”, Sanji Kemenji has lived all his life as the “bright” child. Loved by his mother and many people around him, he seems to light up the world wherever he goes. Though despite him calling his house in the slums is home, it seems the King enjoys her company a bit too much. To produce a future child of the kingdom, shouldn’t it be okay to “borrow” her for just a little bit? Certainly, it should, he is the king after all.


Project Broken, a story unveiled almost one year ago, has grown in the number of people who decided to join. “A story about how two paths may cross and try to destroy one another, in the search to reach their goals.” Based off the Japanese cartoon style, Anime, it is going to be a full-length Original anime, around 26 episodes, each being 23 minutes long (19 minutes content +/-, Opening, and ending). 

The story has an original soundtrack as well as original characters, writing, and animation. The animation is 2d, and currently, we have four concept artists, two background artists, five storyboarders and five animators. As for the composing side, we have five composers, and one lead composer. 

Currently, this is a volunteer-only basis. Please don’t expect to be paid. Despite this, we have many people who love this project and acknowledge this. If somehow this project blows up like RWBY does, I will donate all money to the artists, animators, and composers first. Thanks.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold