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Letitcome's Previously Completed Works

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    About Project Arousal Voice


    (You can choose to remain anonymous or advertise yourself using a pseudo name if you like. Up to you!)

    *Project Arousal is an item available on Moaner which offers customers unique a different sexual moans for there pleasure.

    *A little Background: I create and sell these packs to users on this site but I am in need of voices for the project I am not particularly casting ONE person for one role however I am casting multiple people under a category please feel free to audition as many times as you like under as many categories you feel you fall under.

    *How you get paid.

    There are 2 options available:

    1. PAYPAL: I would simply need your paypal username.

    (We can set up another payment method to your ease if you do not have a Paypal. We'll discuss that after your audition.)

    *How much do you get paid?

    This is where it becomes tricky on your end, you get to choose how much you sell your Moaner packs for which seems simple until you get to understand the market. Basically you have a 2 way road, you can either

    A. CHARGE A LOT for each pack and make a lot per sale but have LESS SALES or

    B: charge very little for your pack and make LESS each time but have MORE sales.

    THIS is by no means an income source (unless you are the person of 1001 voices....) BUT to give you an idea of the earning streak, I had one girl start out with me, and in one months time she would have the odd day of waking up to a nice earned 80 USD in her pocket suddenly... she would charge 20 USD per pack, and it didn't sell MUCH but when it did... lets just say she's started up her own store. So there IS opportunity of growth.

    *Final notes/ definitions etc...

    (You can choose to remain anonymous or advertise yourself. Up to you!)

    If you have anything you don't understand please come to me (email) and ask. Here are my few rules:

    1. HIGH QUALITY MICS PLEASE!!!! (no fish bowls, no dogs barking, no people in background screaming....etc. etc. you get it by now)

    2. A lot of these packs are going to be sold to a WIDE variety of people! YOU MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH THAT!

    3. Make the sounds sound...natural? I don't know if anyone has ever heard what the sound is when someone "whisper yells" please don't.

    4. This one is more of a tip, if you feel uncomfortable recording for a -Yaoi Pack- or a -Yuri Pack- Pretend that you are recording for straight stuff // No not all of your packs are going to be strait up Yaoi or Yuri BUT it could be sold to someone of that nature, and I don't discriminate in my marketplace listings.

    5. ONLY SOUNDS! NO WORDS this means do NOT be like "oh YES" in your moaning, just make sounds like aughs and sighs and stuff like that... (Unless authorized by me first.)

    6. MP3 OR WAV file format only.

    7. If at any time you want to remove your packs from my marketplace, you may ask me to do so, but NOTE that from then on in I will consider you to be a shy person and not consider you for further projects.

    REMEMBER! (You can choose to remain anonymous or advertise yourself. Up to you!)


    Yaoi: Anime boy on boy love/sex/romance etc can also be called BL for BOY LOVE

    Yuri: Anime Girl on Girl love/ sex/ romance etc


    Uke: Submissive, Catcher, Bottom, pet in the situation

    Seke: Switch/ both dominent and submissive top and bottom etc

    If there are any other confusing terms just contact me for more info I can clear it up :) Ignore Age range you can be any as long as 18+

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold