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About Pretty Cure All Stars: Magical Miracle (Kiseki no Mahou) FULL MOVIE FANDUB

Hello there, Momo here! My voice director, Inverti Herikawa and I decided to collaborate and put together a full movie fandub of Pretty Cure All Stars: Magical Miracle! We will be dubbing over the entire movie from start to finish, and I decided to help cast! We're excited to have all of you on board! Finishing this project will be no biggie to us, as we have completed a Pretty Cure movie fandub before. Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Future Friends. I was Cure Beat in the fandub! We have also managed to get the New Stage 1's VAs to reprise for Magical Miracle to maintain cast consistency. Plus, we have access to 5.1 audio, which means we are able to retain most of the sound effects from the original movie, greatly reducing audio mixing hell. We hope that this fandub will be just as good as, if not, even better than New Stage 1! While this is a musical, not everyone is required to sing. If you do need to sing, it will be stated in the role.

Feel free to view the movie here.

Check out our NS1 cast!


1. Be committed to your role. If you have any free time to do your lines, take it. Wanting to nap/watch anime/play video games/etc. is NOT a good excuse to not do your lines. We want to get this movie done as effectively as we can, don't push the release back.

2. We will not be accepting auditions using any of the following mics: Tonor USB mic, Vanker mic, laptop mics, cellphone mics, headset mics, gooseneck mics, and webcam mics. Applicants that use them will have their audition be rejected. VAs must specify what mic they are using in their audition description.

3. Be respectful, not just to Tim and me, but to everyone in the cast. We will not be tolerating any harassment involved in this project. Accept constructive criticism as well. Don't lash out on us, especially to Tim, if we tell you to redo your lines. We want to make this project as high quality as possible.

4. You must have a Discord account. It will be easier to contact us this way.

5. Be serious about your audition. Any and all auditions made solely for trolling or joking purposes will automatically be rejected. No buts. You all know better than this.

6. You don't have to be a Pretty Cure fan in order to audition!

NOTE: We prefer to live direct our VAs. However, this is not going to be a requirement. You do not have to be live directed if you don't want to be, but we would encourage you to give it a try regardless.

Have fun and good luck auditioning!

About the Creator: Hannah Rite

Yo! The name's Hannah Rite. What's up? When I grow up, I want to become a voice actress, so I joined to pursue my dream!

Please refer to me as "Hannah".

Contact me on my Discord at Hannah Rite#8577

My wonderful voice director is Inverti Herikawa, otherwise known as Tim, and without him, I wouldn't have greatly improved my voice acting skills!

Favorite voice actors!


Kira Buckland

Erin Fitzgerald

Cristina Vee

Wendee Lee

Misty Lee


Greg Chun

Kaiji Tang

Johnny Yong Bosch

J. Michael Tatum

Bryce Papenbrook

How old are you? I am nineteen years old.

May I request you to audition for my project? Absolutely! Just hit me up with a link, and more often than not, I will pop in an audition or two. Or possibly every female character available. It all depends.

What kind of voices can you do? According to previous clients, I am the best at voicing tomboys, energetic characters with a medium low voice, bookworms, serious characters, shy lolis, and magical girl mascots. I could try something different, but it may not be the best.

What kind of microphone do you use? As of June 4, 2018, I have used an AT2020 condenser microphone.

Will you audition for an adults only project? Absolutely! But it really depends on the project. If it's bloody horror, or gross videos, then no.

Can you sing? I guess? That's what other people say.

Can you audition for my Minecraft Roleplay please? No.

Fandoms I am most familiar with:

Fire Emblem

Pretty Cure


New Game!!

Love Live!


Super Mario

Any tokusatsu show (Kamen Rider, Power Rangers)

This is not going to limit my options, as I will audition for everything and anything I find interesting, regardless of whether or not I know it.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold