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    About [CLOSED FOR NOW] Power Ponies Radio Show +Daring Do Side Story


    When Maretropolis is shrouded by an oppression of nasty ne’erdowells, only one team of super powered equines can stop them!


    I, like many people, have a soft spot for super hero stuff, especially the really old cheesy tv/radio shows we've grown up with (or have been shown by our grand/parents)

    If you're a fan of nostaligic staticy AM quality radio shows about spiderman, sat through the overly dramatic live action batman show starring Adam West or catch of glimpse of the Superfriends and was pulled in by its cheesy and simple yet entertaining charm, oh and like talking horses THEN THIS IS THE PROJECT FOR YOU!

    There are a few other reasons why I want to do this.  One being I am going to film school to receive a certifacte in editing. Through this project, I will be giving myself a way to practice my practice especailly when I have nothing to edit for class.

    Secondly I've been wanting to do SOMETHING online for a while even if it is MLP related.  Especially after I gave up my role as Discord in Bride of Discord.  This way, I can be head of a project, and act in at the same time.

    And the other thing is...No brony has done something like this before as far as I can tell.

    Especially with the Power Ponies.  And everytime I see something done regarding PP, it's always the Mane 6 as the superheroines and not the heroines themselves.  I loved the IDW 2014 Annual MLP comic and it has been giving me a lot of inspiration for something like this.  And yes I am going by that issue so those one-time supervillains will be reprising their roles in this and using said comic as reference for the Power Ponies themselves.


    Daring Do side story has been added that comes at the end of each episode.  Continuity is more apparent in these so all the more for people to listen to these episodes in order, unless they dont want to hear Daring Do (But then again, who doesn't?)

    I suggest auditioning for that if you want to be part of our main cast, but aren't demanded of a lot of lines.  Or if you're a dude waiting on future male roles.  Whichever floats your boat.


    This project will be purely audio only.  No animation, no animatic, JUST ONE PICTURE if posted on Youtube (which I plan to for the time being).

    I plan these episodes to not be too long.  They will tend to be around 10 minutes in length.  This first episode may be 15 mins as it is an introduction to ease our audience into what they're going to get.

    The Daring Do episodes will be roughly 2-3 minutes long.

    If hired, be prepared for loads of puns in the script, especially from Mane-iac.

    If everything goes right, I plan to upload these episodes at least once a month.  Once every 2 months if complications arise.  But as I don't have to worry about art or animation being done, that should take a weight off my shoulders.


    #1) This warning will be on every episode.  It also explains what kind of voices I'm looking for:


    The Power Ponies will sound nothing like the mane six as they are their own characters.  Their personalities will derive more so from IDW's 2014 Annual of My Little Pony.  Only the fan voice actress of Mane-iac will retain as close to her original voice as depicted in Season 4 Episode 6 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as possible.

    #2)  This project is completely G rated, PG at most.  As I have previously stated, this is tribute to those old shows, so it's going to be very family friendly.  i.e. No cursing, no exessive violence, no sexual themes etc.

    #3)  That being said, I will not hire anyone below the age of 17 for this project.  I want to work with mature VAs that know what they're doing.  At times, I will need to contact them personally to collaborate and discuss.   If you are below 17 and REALLY want to audition, go ahead, but absolutely no guaretnees.  To enforce this rule, state your age in the recording before saying the first line of any roles you audition.

    #3.5)  If I find out somehow you're lying about your said age and are indeed below 17, you'll be disqualifed from auditioning or replaced if casted.

    #4) You will need Skype if hired.  Whether or not you have Skype, please state so in your audition (after stating your age) at the begining.   If I want your voice, and you do not have Skype, staying in contact with email is the 2nd best thing you can do.

    #5)  If I need you for something important regarding the show, respond ASAP when you come online (email users, check your emails regularly).  If not, I will give warning/notice about replacing you.  (Unless you haven't given any heads up for ONE week, I will replace you.  I really hope that doesn't happen).

    #6) Supervillains, Humdrum, extras, and the narrator are already casted.   Extras for episode one have been accounted for, but extras for episode 2 and so on may open up when 2 is in the making.  Narrator is done by yours truly.


    Microphone quality has to be good.  It doesn't have to be the best, just GOOD as I will be dirting the sound to make it sound like it came from that radio era.

    Do overly anunciate everything you're going to say as much as you possibly can as the sound quality will be dirtied.

    And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.  Remember to be over the top and cheesy.  BUT DO NOT BE OBNOXIOUS (Like season 3 Pinkie Pie).

    A little confused?

    Examples of what this project will be like, and what I'm looking for in terms of acting:

    Batman & Robin radio show episode


    Radio episode of Superman (as Clark Kent) and Batman


    A scene from the Superfriends TV show


    TL; DR

    No you don't get one.  Read the info.

    --------------------- --------------------- --------------------

    While the deadline is the 28th of Janurary 2017, I want to start this A S A P.  So if you want to audition, please don't hestiate and don't wait until the last day,

    Have fun.  I await your auditions.

    P.S. To get a good feel for this, give the comic a read.  It's very well done.  If not, at least watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 4 Episode 6.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold