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About Pokejedservo Past Project Palooza II

Well folks I am at it again remember this little thing that I did a few years ago at...


Well its getting a sequel namely this is for a casting call to help revive a few of my previous projects that are in need of new talent. These roles will mainly be for the ladies but there will be a few roles for the guys as well. Anyways the projects that will be involved with here are the following...

What if Ryuji Yamazaki was in King of Fighters XIII?
Based off of the King of Fighters fighting game series from SNK namely King of Fighters XIII it was one of the latest fighting games that included pre-battle banter between the character your playing as and his/her opponent in which its often played as comical taunting. In this fic you see is if known fan favorite-villain Ryuji Yamazaki is a playable character in which here he spends his time here taunting the other opponents often in various darkly comic ways and how they react. You can read it here at...  


This production will be in a sort-of Visual Novel-esque production using character portraits from the game styled like the Pre-Battle Banter in the actual game.

The Breakfast Club Alternate Version Audio-play
This is my extensive & somewhat modernized rewrite of the classic 1985 High School Teen Movie "The Breakfast Club" about 5 High School Students from different cliques are stuck in Detention together whom have gradually learned to befriend one another despite going through a lot of tense & angry moments over the course of the day. While this new version does change certain aspects of the characters (in the original story the 5 teens were complete strangers at first but in this version two of them were are already friends). But the original movie was rated R for having lots of profanity (among a few other things) this version will maintain that aspect so viewer discretion is advised but you can read it here at...


This will be an Audio-play but it will be separated into multiple parts due to the sheer length of the story here so keep this in mind. You can also check part of this AP series at...


Crazy Plot Twist Theater: Street Fighter

This is for a series of VN-styled Video skits involving the Street Fighter cast that are generally of comedic nature. You can check out most of the series available here at...


HiSHE: Ikki-Tousen Great Guardians

A mostly comedic & light-hearten rewrite of the ending of the anime series "Ikki-Tousen Great Guardians" that will be done in a VN-styled Video. In which you can find the panels here at...


NOTE: The following contains a fairly strong amount of sexual content name of a Yuri nature (GirlXGirl). While this does contain a rather intimate scene or two any naughty bits are not seen so its not quite 18+ but that being said viewer discretion is advised.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Ciphers of Valentia Ch. 0

The prologue chapter for my indirect rewrite of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia in which Alm and his friends are still young children. You can read the panels here at...


Oh yes and as for the young boy roles while I am willing to let the guys audition for them but I would prefer that the ladies try to audition for Kid Alm, Gray & Tobin. (Yes I know that the kid versions of all the boys were voiced by the same guys who voiced their teenage selves in the main game but that was mostly in the English version.) Don't get me wrong I can accept auditions from guys for the young boy roles but unless you can do a suitably boyish voice I would recommend that you pitch your voices up a bit. But that being said if I do cast a lady for Kids Alm, Gray & Tobin you will most likely be replaced in Chapter 1. (However if any of you ladies get cast as Kid Celica and/or Faye then you will most likely get to keep the roles just slightly lower your voices a bit in later chapters.) Oh yes and do also take a moment to listen to my pronounciation guide as well if your auditioning for any of the Fire Emblem roles here.


Okay yes the first two projects here were from the previous "Palooza" but the latter three were not. Though while I will of course wait until the deadline has passed until I go over the auditions and then cast but there is a slight possibility I may add in a role or two before the deadline is over but there is no guarantee. Oh yes and for anyone auditioning I do have a few rules/guidelines...

1. Please do all the audition lines, not just the first one or the first few. Those who do this will most likely not be even considered or at best be asked to give a complete audition.

2. I am perfectly okay with you adding in a joke or few within your audition and if said jokes are funny it would probably get some brownie points with me. That being said still do the audition lines and don't just do a "gag troll audition" otherwise you would be wasting both our time.

3. A couple of the projects here (Breakfast Club Alternate Version and HiSHE Ikki-Tousen Great Guardians will have some substantial adult content please be aware of this so if you get cast you don't drop out due to finding the content objectionable.

4. This is more of a suggestion than a rule but if you can please do audition for more than one role as it could help increase your chances of getting a role. Don't get me wrong if only one of these roles is good for you then do so anyways but just to let you know it would be advisable to try to audition for more than one role if you can.

Oh yes and like last time if you were a cast member in any of these projects before but just never got back to me until now feel free to re-audition if you like.

About the Creator: pokejedservo

Greetings folks I am Pokejedservo and I have been a member of the Amatuer Voice Acting Community for over 10 years (namely ever since July 2006). I have not only been a voice actor but also a VA production producer though while most of the productions I have made are Fandubs over the years I have recently got into the wonderful world of Audioplays as well (and trying to dabble into Visual Novels). Here is the list of the tasks that I can do for a VA production.

- Voice Acting
- Production Producer
- Script Writer (especially if I wrote the story)
- Audio Editor
- Audio Mixer
- Video Dubbing
- Making Dialogue Scenes via MS Paint. (I am not a FanArtist but I can use pre-existing character & background pics to make dialogue scenes, I'll use this as an example).

I have been a voice actor and audio/visual editor and the like for over a decade and I have been a writer for over 2 decades. I admit when it comes to Voice Work I have yet to be given a proper formal training in any way but I have had plenty of experience in many fields of the voice acting process over the years. You can find more about my work at the Pokejedservo Productions site.