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Hey there everybody my name's Whiz and I will be making a new voice acting series for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney! I recently finished an Undertale series featuring voice acting and it went incredibly well! I learned a ton from that project and I can't wait to get started on this one!

This will be a fan dub of the video game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. It's an excellent game where you play as a defense lawyer as you try to defend clients from being wrongly prosecuted. The only problem with this game? There are no voices! Well it's time to change all that!


1. Have a decent mic. (Should be a given) If I can hear your air conditioner or dog in the background I will not cast you. Nothing personal but I don't half ass anything!

2. Show emotion but don't get carried away. Make the character fit the scene. Get creative but not crazy loud or all over the place!

3. We will communicate and send audio files through email or the casting call site. (Email is preferred)

4. Skype or another live chat app is NOT needed. I take a very hands off approach to voice acting. Send me the lines once you think they are good and I'll tell ya which lines need to be redone if needed. We all have busy lives so I find it easier that way. Also I'm constantly astounded at how talented you guys are!

5. Send me audio in a WAV format if you can. 

6. Send me your lines as soon as possible. Simple as that. The sooner I get all the lines, the sooner you see the fruits of your labor!

7. Be committed and try to keep in contact. We all have busy lives and if something comes up where you can't voice act anymore, please let me know as soon as possible so I can find a replacement. Also if you are very slow at sending your lines to me, I will try to contact you. If you are unable to contact me in a acceptable amount of time then don't be surprised if I find another voice actor.  

8. Have fun! This is simply for the fun of it! This is our chance to put our voices into an entire game! Imagine that!


So here are a few more details about the project:

1. Even though this is a fan dub, I put a ton of time and effort into all my videos. It may not be the best thing on the planet but I will do my best to make it as good as I possibly can!

2. There is a lot of dialogue in this game and we will be voice acting for every single character, no matter how small the role!

3. This is not a Let's Play video. I added my own commentary to the Undertale series but I decided to not do it for this one. 

3. Once I get the lines in I will begin editing immediately. The sooner you can send me your lines the better! I want to finish this project before the end of October if I can but there is no real time schedule. I just like to work hard and fast. 

4. I will credit you in a video introducing the series. Think of it as easy self promotion!

And that's it! I can't wait to see what we can make together! Good luck with your roles!


About the Creator: cwhiz45

Hey there! Whiz here and welcome to my page! I enjoy long walks on the beach and I like to do do voices for stuff! Well....subtract the long walks on the beach. Did you know there was sand there? Who knew right!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold