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About Persona : Re-CognitionS; An original radio drama

Persona: Re-CognitionS will be a full length, original Persona story filled with its own new cast of characters, social links, personas, and velvet room crew. The first six episodes of the series are already written; and would be released weekly or bi-weekly until the first arc is concluded, with a small break taken to prepare for the second arc if the first is successfully produced. Scripts have not been timed, but are estimated with proper editing to result in episodes approximately 40-60 minutes long, although this will be split between a number of characters per episode. There will be additional characters to cast for further arcs; and those characters introduced in this one will raise in prominence and their general affect on the story and setting. This is a developed world; with arcs, characters, beats, and twists planned along the way. The entire story is mapped out, major beats planned, and a fair skeleton there of what will take the story from its beginning to its end. It will be distributed as a podcast, or via a dedicated tumblr when episodes are completed. The series will have narration, a full cast, and music, for the complete Persona experience. Art will likely be commissioned to market the series and fully represent the characters; but for the audition process and in general, I want the voices to inform everything about the characters.

Persona RS as we'll call it for simplicity, takes place in the small, sleepy coast-side city of Ishinomaki, a fishing town full of lost potential, tourist traps, and trapped youths. Ishinomaki is a town where you graduate high school and go right into the work force, be it on a fishing boat, working at the local resort, or stuck in a dead-end store selling products no one over the age of 25 would be interested in. Ishinomaki is a town where you don't want to be young, because there's little to do, little to see, and plenty of reasons to think why you'll never go anywhere.

The story follows high school students who quickly get thrust into water way above their heads; in some ways, literally. Strange doppergangers start appearing around town, reflecting what would happen if things went wrong, if someone lost faith; a shadow of the worst case scenario. A group of three students meet after a bizarre encounter they all remember of a blue room with a man with a long nose and a talking dog, and quickly find themselves with more allies in their midst. The story will follow themes of past regrets, understanding your true self, living the life you want to live, and making the best of what you have, among others.

Persona RS follows a structure based on the most recent three games of the main Persona franchise, 3, 4, and 5. Each arc with spotlight a particular character or key theme tied to a location or person, as the group meets the other students in town, gets something to eat, and goes in deep, diving for answers. 

The three leads of the story are already casted; but this is a Persona project, which means there's many, many more important faces than just that. Toda and Makoto will become leads in the main group, and many of the side characters will have arcs of their own, or gain shadows who will begin to start significant problems. With these being original characters, you have complete freedom to audition for these characters how you'd like, outside of the few guidelines I've set out for each.

Your auditions will be judged on both sound quality and the voice itself; how you fit and inform the image of the character and help form it further. it's simply about how we get to that point.  Depending on the number of lines connected to your role, arcs will be recorded either all at once or in a few chunks, giving you a break for a little while as the next arc is being written. As again, these are original characters, I would heavily prefer being able to organize directing over Discord, Skype or a similar app at least one time to help nail down the voice, and ideally regularly record with direction in order to save us both the hassle of communicating back and forth over mere written direction. However, this can be flexible depending on your audition; if a fit is a perfect fit and you simply can't do a call, then that can be discussed otherwise.

I welcome the process, and anticipate finding people to help share this story with many ears around; it is a tale close to my heart, that I know a lot of people will really enjoy.

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