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About JadedPencil

Howdy! Make yourself comfortable!

I go by Jade or JadedPencil. I've been drawing, writing, and voice acting on and off for more than a decade now, and put a lot of work into trying to bring life to all the roles I do. I've found I enjoy doing smaller or more neglected roles I see in projects I like -- Minor roles need good voices too after all!

If you'd like to talk to me, feel free to DM me or you can add me via Jadedpencil on Discord or email me at if you want to chat. I'm open to everyone ^^. Either way, hope you have a good day.

  • @trentmichaelt

    JadedPencil was really cool with an awesome team, providing amazing feedback and helpful tips for my lines. Very fun experience! Would definitely work with them again!

  • @xsavin

    Jade is a nice person to work with and will try their absolute best to give you the quality and voice you seek. They are among my wonderful cast, and I am happy that they are. A unique voice and kind personality! A pleasure to be able to work with them :)