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    About Onmyou Taisenki Episode 1 Fandub

    Welcome to the Onmyou Taisenki Episode 1 Fandub Casting Call.

    To start off let me introduce myself. As you can see I am Soulgig, a hobbyist VA, and other myraid artistic hobbies. If you check out my profile I try to be an active VA on the site to continue to develop my skills and while I love to do projects from other people as it is always an interesting hunt, in the end, I do love to try to cut my teeth on things I enjoy. This leads us to this specific casting call.

    The Intent?

    As may seem obvious this call is to make an episode fandub of a fairly old anime by the name Onmyou Taisenki. Nothing more, nothing less. This isn't a full series as the time frame for production would be mostly unfeasible. Though there may be more in the future please do not audition with that intent.

    The Qualifications?
    As this is a hobby project I'm certainly not going to make promises that are beyond the uncertain future. Personally I've been involved in around 20 projects that have been released, and more that have not been. I've never dropped a role as long as there has been communication and I'm highly dedicated to my quality and my hobby. I also do audio editing for other projects that I'm involved in which you can see in Adversaria's Kubera comic dub. You can view those videos through this link to the playlist:

    What can you expect after casting?

    Anyone casted in a role will receive the following materials: A script with clip reference and time reference for original video, clips of video to compare and match lip flaps to, guidelines for recording and submitting completed lines, pronunciation guide (when needed). I've tried to make the materials as easy to use and to make your job as a VA as easy as possible as I understand the amount of work that goes into giving a great performance.

    Expectations for Auditions?

    Of course for this section we have the usual. Mic quality is a big factor. While there are a few major characters it is worth to note that the bigger the character's impact in the episode the higher the standard for mic quality will rise. You shuold also submit auditions with no prior effects added. Any effects needed to spruce up audio will be done by me in post-production. This also includes noise removal/cancellation. Noise removal is a destructive process and may only hurt your chances. I can get the best evaluation of you if I hear it at its base quality.

    Tips and Tricks?
    This section is not mandatory to the project but will help give you an idea of how to make your audition more presentable and much more likely to be chosen. These are as follow:

    1. Keep your distance to the mic around 6 inches away. A good guideline is to make the "hang ten" hand sign or the phone sign. Place this sign with one end touching where the mic is and then position yourself about where the other finger sticks out. Depending on hand size there may be adjustment as you may be closer or farther away from the mic.

    2. Try to record your audition volume at around -18 to -9 DB on average with peaks no louder than -3 DB. This allows for a clear strong signal that will require less boosting which can lead to unintended results. After recording just eyeball where the average of your volume tends to hit. At best the median should be in that range.

    3. Record in .WAV and aim for the highest KHZ rate you can produce. I don't mind file sizes. As WAV is uncompressed it is more 1:1 to real life allowing for easier subtle manipulation from the post processing side.

    4. Give the spark of life! Everyone has unique properties to their voice which I strive to hear. Give me something no one else can match that is "your" unique interpretation.

    5. You do NOT have to copy the previous JP VA's. it defeats the purpose to bring about a new interpretation of the material which makes this type of hobby fun! If you feel that's the only way you can see it personally than that's fine. Just don't feel pressured to copy someone else's performance.

    Timeline for Project?

    While giving a timeline is near impossible due to all the uncertainties with casting and the process afterwards here is a rough draft.

    2 weeks audition time

    1-2 days consideration and finalization of auditions

    3-4 weeks dedicated recording time for roles (excluding extensions if needed)

    2-3 weeks post production time for video

    Overall: Around 2 months of production turn around time if the schedule allows it

    Any References/Testimonials?

    Adversaria - Soulgig is a dedicated voice actor, director, and audio editor. Any project he has a hand in creating will be undoubtedly high quality, and consistently punctual. Working with him in my own dubs has been a treat and he’s the man to go to if you’re eager to be a part of quality content.

    If you have any questions leave a comment, message me, or email me at [redacted].

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold